Vacant Church: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, CO (Deadline: March 15, 2014)

The Pulpit Search Committee, representing Friendship Missionary Baptist Church located in Colorado Springs, CO is seeking a F/T Senior Pastor. We are seeking a Pastor who will preach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ, teach sound Baptist doctrine, engage in pastoral care ministries and provide spiritual leadership, development and training to the church body. Deacons, Trustees, Associate Ministers, Church Leadership members and the church members. The Senior Pastor will be responsible for the overall leadership of the day-to-day operations of the church, services, membership and promoting the spiritual interest and growth of the church.
What is needed to apply:
Cover letter
Current resume-include contact information for employment supervisor
Copy of Certification of license and ordination
Copy of Degree(s)
Two personal reference and Three professional letters of reference
DVD or videotape or recording of two recent sermon within last twelve months
Please submit the above only to:
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Pulpit Committee
ATTN: Committee Chair-Deacon. William Tompkins
425 Fleming Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
All application packets must be postmarked or received by March 15, 2014. Any application packet postmarked after that date will not be considered. NOTE: Missing information mu result in automatic disqualification. Final candidates must consent to a reference check and a full background check. These will be performed by an outside agency for complete confidentiality. All information presented will be treated as “Confidential” and For Offical Use Only. The Pastoral Pulpit Committee will acknowledge receipt of all time submitted application packets.

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    Brother Houston, Isn’t it CO not CA? Just a typo I’m sure.

    1. Thank you – you are absolutely correct.

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