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Vacant Church: Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Context 

From the beginning, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church ( has been dedicated and committed to fostering and experiencing a sense of fellowship, thus the name. This connectedness and relationality can be observed and experienced in many different settings.

FMBC has been in existence for 21 years and holds affiliation with both the American Baptist Church and National Baptist Church conferences, FMBC at its core is theologically Baptist. Yet, it has embraced a unique governance structure. The congregation is led and overseen by three leadership bodies: the Board of Deacons, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Christian Education. While sometimes cumbersome to navigate, this ‘tri-cameral’ structure creates wonderful opportunity for members to utilize their gifts in leadership and ensures that the congregation is represented in direction-setting and decision-making.

North Minneapolis, where FMBC is located, is a community growing in its diversity, yet predominately African-American it has a unique history, a strong sense of self, and a growing hope and optimism. Yet, within itself there exists a community marked by cultural transition, persistent poverty, ambiguous economic prospects, a devastated housing market, and a languishing educational system. As of late, the tide has begun to shift. New collaborations are emerging, public resources are better focused into the region and groups across sectors are working to revitalize this once strong neighborhood.

The Need 

With an annual budget of $1.2m, generous giving and significant participation in leadership and ministry by the members, ‘the engine’ that is FMBC, is well-built and ready to go. Because of a current lack of clarity, identity and direction, FMBC needs the ‘spark plugs tuned’ and ‘new fuel’ to reclaim its identity and fulfil the original mission with a new shared vision, strategic direction and call to action. FMBC is a church with a dream hidden in the hearts and minds of its people waiting to be awakened and sparked. The people are expectant and guardedly hopeful as they prepare for and await the next Senior Pastor. This will require a visionary shepherd/leader that is relationally savvy and able to work collaboratively. This shepherd/leader will capture the hearts and

minds of all ages and inspire the members into a deeper following of Christ and utilization of their talents, time and financial resources for more significant community impact.

The Opportunity 

The next Senior Pastor of FMBC will lead the church and its members from the current reality into regained momentum, a new era of deepened discipleship and missional outreach and anywhere else God might lead FMBC. This person will engender trust by walking the talk of the Gospel message, consistently demonstrating a deep relationship with Christ as first and foremost the spiritually strong leader of the congregation. He/She will be able to bring people together, building bridges relationally, listening well and seeking to deeply understand the perspectives and needs of those who call FMBC home. The Senior Pastor will work collegially with leaders, staff and lay ministers getting everyone on the same page and then empower others for mission and ministry.

The Senior Pastor at FMBC is the one who casts the vision, but this is not done in isolation from the input and wisdom of the boards and congregation. They will be able to thrive in a complex culture by being able to hold, sometimes competing priorities, and multiple forces, in balance while seeking to identify the consistent voice. Part of what this means is honoring the traditional elements of FMBC and transforming them into more progressive and fresh expressions.


Meets and satisfies the Biblical mandates as outlined in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 (Women are not excluded)

Significant years of experience leading a congregation of 500 members or more

Masters degree required (preferably a Masters of Divinity from an accredited university or seminary)

Holding current ordination from a Baptist body

If you know someone who would be a good fit for this role, please reply to: 

Rick Heltne 

Senior Search Consultant-SIMA Minneapolis

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Vacant Church: Second Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Deadline: May 31, 2014)


The Pulpit Search Committee, representing the membership of Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan

is seeking a new Pastor. Our former Pastor, the Reverend Mark J. Lyons, has been promoted by God to his next

ministerial assignment. The Pulpit Search Committee, along with the entire congregation, has been diligently

seeking the Lord and exercising spiritual discipline, as we position ourselves to call our next Pastor.

Second Baptist Church has been faithfully shepherded since our establishment in 1865. We have humbly

examined the scriptures for the attributes that God considers important in an overseer. The qualities that God

revealed the individual would embody are expressed in 1Tim 3:1-7, Acts 20:28, Titus 1:5-9 and Galatians


We are excited about this season of new blessings and look forward to welcoming the individual whom God has

predestinated to lead us to the next level of Kingdom life.

Yours In Christ,

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor Pulpit Search Committee

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor

850 Red Oak, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: 734.663.9369 Fax: 734.663.9323

Vacant Church: St. Paul First Baptist Church, Jefferson, GA (Deadline: May 26, 2014)

Vacant Church: Second Baptist Church, Kokomo, Indiana (Open Until Filled)


Page 1 of 10 3/1/2014 






The Second Missionary Baptist Church was founded and organized in 1887 making it one of the oldest congregations in the city of Kokomo, IN. The membership consists of approximately 273 active members. With the retirement (after 32 years) of our recent Pastor, Rev. Dr. Robert A. Lee, the Pulpit Search Committee is seeking the mind and will of God as we continue our inheritance. Second Missionary Baptist Church has been a beacon of light in the Kokomo Community for 126 years. Our new pastor must be responsible for the biblical and spiritual obligations unto God as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Therefore, a candidate must be a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). Second Missionary Baptist Church seeks a visionary with strong leadership skills who will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach sound Baptist doctrine, engage in pastoral care, direct Christian growth and development, and promote missions and the Great Commission for expanding the Kingdom of God. The pastor is also responsible for the overall leadership of the day-to-day operations of the church, services, membership and the wider community through evangelism and edification. Page 2 of 10 3/1/2014 



1. Candidate must have at least five years Baptist Church pastoral experience 


A. Licensed and Ordained Baptist Minister 


2. Earned accredited degree is required; a minimum Bachelors of Theology/Divinity Degree and secular preferred from an accredited institution 


3. Must have a clear understanding of Baptist Church Doctrine 


A. Provide a balanced overview of the whole counsel of God 

B. Deal with Doctrinal issues that may need particular attention 

C. Apply biblical principles to moral, ethical and political issues 

D. Ensure that encouragement, reproof and correction are in balance 

E. Conduct baptisms and oversee membership 

F. Give opportunity for people to respond to gospel message/accept Christ 

G. Administer/conduct the Lord’s Supper 


4. Love and Ability to Preach and Teach God’s Word 


A. The ability to prepare and deliver biblically sound, inspirational and spirit filled sermons 

B. The ability to provide biblical based teaching 

C. Preach Sunday Worship Services (8:00am and 11:00am) and Mid-Week Service 

D. Teach Bible study 

E. Strong supporter of the Ministry of Christian Education 


5. Strong in Evangelism 


A. Disciple, equip and teach the congregation to train believers in the basics of the Christian life so that they may be assimilated into the congregation, grow and reproduce in order to impact their homes, church and community 

B. Disciple new believers 

C. Provide leadership development opportunities 

D. Equip congregation to disciple others 

E. Train, organize and lead members to do visitation of and witnessing to unsaved persons 

F. Set example in cultivating unsaved persons 

G. Lead church in planning regular outreach/revival emphasis 

H. Provide advice and supportive resources to the wider community 

I. Minister and visitation to ill and bereaved members 


6. Love for God and People 

A. Must be a born again baptized believer in Jesus Christ 

B. Lead members to trust and love God so that they desire to serve Him 

C. Lead the members to love one another and their neighbors 

D. Encourage stewardship, missions support and tithing 

Page 3 of 10 3/1/2014 



7. Be Innovative to Move Forward 

A. Establish a vision and develop a strategic plan for the church 

B. Create an outreach vision that is both Local and Foreign Mission oriented 

C. Develop and implement a strategic plan for healthy church growth, membership growth, financial growth and facility growth 


8. Strong Knowledge of the Bible 

A. Skilled in biblical teaching 


9. Demonstrated Community Involvement 

A. Lead the congregation in planning, conducting and evaluating its local, national and worldwide missions 

B. Willing to support and participate in Local, State and National Conventions and Congresses 

C. Maintain contact with all church supported missions 


10. Diversity Minded 

A. Develop a long range plan for Pulpit Ministry, disciplining and equipping, and community outreach 

B. Have a vision for growing church membership that is both educated in the word of God and strong in relationship with Christ, particularly a vision, commitment and experience for increasing the numbers and spiritual development of youth, young adults and adults in the congregation 


11. Able to keep confidentiality 

A. Counseling troubled people and those in need 

B. Spiritual counseling of church members 

C. Moral integrity must be above reproach 


12. Conflict Resolution 

A. Ensure that prayer has a prominent place both in the church and personal lives 

B. Work with the Deacons in maintaining a spiritually healthy church 

C. Lead church to develop policies that would help members participate in an orderly and deliberate manner 


13. Demonstrated Spirit of Unity 

A. Oversee worship service in collaboration with the Music Ministry 

B. Consistently connect with deacons, minsters, colleagues and resource persons 

C. Provide leadership/workshop development opportunities 


14. Pastor selected must reside or be willing to relocate to Kokomo, Indiana 


15. Be Mission Minded 

A. Leading the congregation in planning, conducting and evaluating its Local, State, National and Worldwide Missions 

B. Actively support Domestic and Foreign Missions 

C. Offer advice on use of mission and benevolence funds 

Page 4 of 10 3/1/2014 


The successful candidate must possess at a minimum the following personal qualities and skills:

 Leadership skills

 Excellent speaker

 Teaching skills

 Humility

 Intelligent

 Dedicated and driven

 Visionary

 Preaching style that provides practical and clear application where the scriptural text provides the meaning

 Mission Minded


How to Apply:

All interested and qualified persons must submit an initial candidate package consisting of the following documentation:

 Completed Second Missionary Baptist Church job application (included)

 Current resume

 Cover letter

 Copy of ministerial license and ordination certificate

 Copy of degree(s)

 Four recommendation letters – clergy, professional, personal (at least 2 from clergy)

 Provide current photo of yourself

 Provide DVD/CD of recent sermon


All information submitted will be treated confidential. Additional information may be requested and/or required.


Send application and documents to:

Second Missionary Baptist Church

Attn: Pastoral Search Committee

PO Box 739

Kokomo, IN 46903-0739

or email application and documents to: Page 5 of 10 3/1/2014 



PERSONAL INFORMATION DATE: _____________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Present address: _________________________________________________________________________

How long: ____________________________ Birth Date: ___________________________________

Telephone: Home ( ) Business ( ) Cell ( ) _____

Email address: Personal website address (if available): __________________

lf hired, can you present proof of your legal right to live and work in this country? YES NO N/A

Number of years lived in the U.S. ____________

Marital Status: Married Separated Divorced Widowed Single

lf Married, Name of Spouse:_________________________________________________________________

ls this your first Spouse? YES NO

Names and Ages of Children:




Are you ordained: YES NO Date and Place of Ordination: ___________________________________

Denomination: ___________________________________________________________________________

Are you interested in relocating to Kokomo if you are selected? YES NO EDUCATION BACKGROUND

Vacant Church: Broadway Baptist Church, Madison, Indiana (Deadline: March 31, 2014)

From the American Baptist Newspaper, Madison, Indiana

Broadway Baptist Church, a small congregation in Madison, Indiana, is seeking applicants for the position of Pastor. Interested applicants should be a licensed and ordained (at the time of taking the position) Baptist Minister, who is gifted in preaching, teaching and possesses strong leadership abilities. Resumes must be received by Monday, March 31, 2014 to be considered. The church will not be responsible for travel expenses, interested candidates should send a resume to:

Broadway Baptist Church
615 N. Broadway
Madison, IN 47250-3309
Attn: Pulpit Committee

or email –

Vacant Church: Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY

From the American Baptist Newspaper, Louisville, Kentucky

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
175 Graham Drive
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102-7257

We are prayerfully seeking a God Anointed, Spirit Filled, Dedicated Shepherd to fill the vacant pastoral position.  Please send resume by April 30, 2014 to:

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Pulpit Committee
P.O. Box 10257
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102-7257


Vacant Church – Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Winchester, Kentucky

From the American Baptist Newspaper, Louisville, Kentucky

The Pleasant Hill Baptist Church is currently seeking a new pastor for its church. If any ordained ministers would be interested in coming and preaching a service, please contact either Dea. Harvey Embry 859-744-5482 or 859-595-0791 or Dea. Bruce Hart 859-266-2453 or 859-240-4983, to schedule. We look forward to hearing from you soon and may God bless.

The Members of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Vacant Church – Macedonia Baptist Church, Auburn, Kentucky

From the American Baptist Newspaper

The Macedonia Baptist Church is currently accepting applications for the Position of Pastor.

We are prayerfully seeking a candidate who has demonstrated the capacity to meet the standards of pastoral leadership.

Address:  290 Hill Street, Auburn, Kentucky 42206

For questions or concerns you may leave a message for Bro. Charles Covington, Search Committee Chairman

(270) 542-7687

Vacant Church: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, CO (Deadline: March 15, 2014)

The Pulpit Search Committee, representing Friendship Missionary Baptist Church located in Colorado Springs, CO is seeking a F/T Senior Pastor. We are seeking a Pastor who will preach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ, teach sound Baptist doctrine, engage in pastoral care ministries and provide spiritual leadership, development and training to the church body. Deacons, Trustees, Associate Ministers, Church Leadership members and the church members. The Senior Pastor will be responsible for the overall leadership of the day-to-day operations of the church, services, membership and promoting the spiritual interest and growth of the church.
What is needed to apply:
Cover letter
Current resume-include contact information for employment supervisor
Copy of Certification of license and ordination
Copy of Degree(s)
Two personal reference and Three professional letters of reference
DVD or videotape or recording of two recent sermon within last twelve months
Please submit the above only to:
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Pulpit Committee
ATTN: Committee Chair-Deacon. William Tompkins
425 Fleming Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
All application packets must be postmarked or received by March 15, 2014. Any application packet postmarked after that date will not be considered. NOTE: Missing information mu result in automatic disqualification. Final candidates must consent to a reference check and a full background check. These will be performed by an outside agency for complete confidentiality. All information presented will be treated as “Confidential” and For Offical Use Only. The Pastoral Pulpit Committee will acknowledge receipt of all time submitted application packets.

Vacant Church: Southern Missionary Baptist Church, Syracuse, NY (Deadline April 15, 2014)


Job Posting 

Southern Missionary Baptist Church 

P.O. Box 13 

Syracuse, New York 13207 

The Southern Missionary Baptist Church located in Syracuse, New York is in search of a Pastor. Our purpose is to win souls for Jesus Christ by teaching, growing and making disciples for the building of God Kingdom. One of our primary focal point is to enhance our mission meadow. We are in search of a candidate that the Lord God Almighty has preordained and predestined for Southern Missionary Baptist Church. If the spirit of God is directing your heart in this direction, please carefully examine our posting with prayerful thoughtfulness to your response.

The successful candidate must demonstrate the following: 

 The ability to prepare and deliver biblically sound, inspirational, and spirit-filled sermons.

 Competence in leadership and management, communications (oral and written) strong interpersonal skills.

 A vision for growing church membership which is rooted in the Word of God.

 The heart/passion for Christian education, discipleship, evangelism, and the ability to provide strong bible-based teaching and study that is relevant, engaging and understandable. Sunday School and Bible Study

 A strong commitment to providing ongoing discipleship training for ministry leaders including deacons, trustees, and associate ministers.

 A commitment to growing, encouraging, and nurturing the spiritual development of children, youth, young adults and families within the congregation.

 Exceptional standards of personal character, ethics and integrity.

 A strong commitment to denominational affiliations including local district, state, and national relationships.


The model candidate for this position must hold a theological degree from an accredited university. Personal character and financial standing must be above reproach both inside and outside church.

Interested and qualified candidates please submit:

1. Current resume that includes a summary of relevant ministry, professional, and educational experience.

2. Copy of ministerial license and ordination certificate.

3. Copy of degree(s) (certified copy maybe requested at a later date).


All information submitted will be treated as “confidential”. Additional information may be requested and/ or required.

Pulpit Search Committee

Southern Missionary Baptist Church

PO Box 13

Syracuse, NY 13207

Deadline for application acceptance is April 15, 2014.


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