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Vacant Pulpits – Kentucky (Various Closure Dates)


The Park Ridge Baptist Church, Sparta, Kentucky (a small rural congregation) is now accepting resumes to fill the position of Pastor. A successful candidate must meet the following qualifications: Be a born again believer in Jesus Christ, and must be guided by Biblical principles set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Send resumes to: Pulpit Committee, Park Ridge Baptist Church, c/o 4229 Arbor Court, Independence, KY 41051.  Resumes will be accepted until November 17, 2014.  The church will not be responsible for travel expenses.


Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a God-called, ordained baptist pastor to edify through God’s Holy Word and to direct our congregation by divine example, strong leadership abilities, and Scriptural teaching. Submit the candidate package by mail to: Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Pastor Search Committee, PO Box 8496, Paducah, Kentucky 42002.  Deadline for submission is November 30, 2014. Candidate package must contain: (1) Current resume including summary of relevant ministry, professional and educational experience; (2) Copy of Ministerial License, Ordination Certificate and Degrees; (3) Three Recommendation Letters: Two from fellow clergy and one personal.

Vacant Pulpit: Union Baptist Church, Easton, MD (Deadline: November 30, 2014)

Church Profile

UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 233 Glenwood Avenue Easton, Maryland 21601

Union Baptist Church officially organized itself in 1887. The mission statement is: The Union Baptist Church, in seeking to glorify God in everything it does, will provide a foundation for Christian development and growth, and a foundation for the enhancement of Christian maturity. We therefore, will strive to proclaim the Gospel to all people through Christian teachings and living, planning and training our local congregation as well as the community. We further proclaim to build and maintain reciprocal relationships with other Christian churches and community organizations.

Pastoral Vacancy Announcement *revised*


Candidates must possess at least a Master of Divinity or Theology degree from an accredited theological seminary and have at least six (6) years of pastoral experience or significant related experience which includes experience in church administration (e.g., Assistant Pastor, Executive Pastor, Associate Minister). Candidates must also be licensed and ordained in the Baptist church. Candidates must be Holy Ghost filled and guided by the Biblical principles set forth in 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Candidates must have a passion for discipleship and mentoring individuals, families and the congregation as a whole. Candidates’ personal character and financial standing must be above reproach both inside and outside the church.

Candidates must be an effective communicator and demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver biblically sound, stimulating and spirit-filled sermons. Candidates should also have a demonstrated aptness for Bible-based teaching: have strong interpersonal skills; be approachable; and demonstrate inclusiveness for all demographics of the congregation. In addition, candidates must be able to spiritually counsel members of the congregation; be proficient in the use of technology; and be open to new ideas.

The successful candidate will have a vision for growing church membership that is both educated in the Word of God and strong in relationship with Christ, particularly a vision, commitment and experience for increasing the numbers and spiritual development of youth and young adults in the congregation. The successful candidate will also have a proven record as a skilled administrator and manager of church staff and programs. In addition, the successful candidate will have a proven record of developing leaders. Finally, the successful candidate will have a commitment to Christian Education and a zeal for missions and evangelism.

Application Process

Required Documents

All interested and qualified persons must submit an Application Packet consisting of the following information:

  1. A current resume or curriculum vitae which should include a summary of relevant ministry professional and educational experiences;
  2. Copies of any ministerial licenses;
  3. Copies of any ordination certificates;
  4. Copies of diplomas and degrees
  5. Three (3) current letters of reference
    1. one from clergy
    2. one from a layperson
    3. one from personal friend/acquaintance

Candidates may be asked to submit two videoed sermons at some point during the application process. The Pulpit Committee will formally request videos, if needed.

Application Period

Applications must be postmarked by November 30, 2014. Any application received after this date will not be considered. NOTE: Missing information may result in automatic disqualification. Final candidates must consent to a reference check, a full background check including criminal history, a drug test, and a credit check. The background check will be performed by an outside agency for complete confidentiality. All information submitted will be considered “confidential” and For Official Use Only.


Submit completed application documents to:

Union Baptist Church Attn: Sis. Rose Potter 233 Glenwood Avenue Easton, Maryland 21601

Pastoral Responsibilities

Pastoral responsibilities include duties in the follow: Worship Services

  •   Preaching (Preach the gospel by preparing and delivering relevant, spirit-filled sermons)
  •   Worship Leadership (Plan and conduct worship services)
  •   Administration of the Holy Ordinances (Baptism and Communion)
  •   Officiate at weddings, funerals, baby dedications, etc.

    Teaching Role

  •   Teaching (Bible study, membership classes, seminars, and other Christian Education training)
  •   Training church leaders
  •   Evangelistic, ethical or discipleship concerns and issues
  •   Pre-marital/Marital counseling of church members

    Pastoral Care

  •   Spiritual counseling of church members
  •   Visitation (Evangelism)
  •   Minister to sick/shut in and bereaved church members (homes, hospitals, nursing

    homes) Administration

  •   Serve as the chief officer of the church, carrying out, with church officers, the policies and mandates duly approved by the congregation
  •   Serve as moderator of church business meetings except in meetings where the tenure of the pastor is discussed
  •   Serve as ex-officio member of all ministries, committees, and organizations of the church
  •   Collaborate Church Council with the to lead the congregation in developing a comprehensive business operation plan for the church
  •   Develop and implement a strategic plan for healthy church growth, to include among other things, spiritual growth, membership growth, financial growth and facility growth
  •   Supervise, mentor and prepare written annual evaluations of the paid church staff along with the trustees
  •   Possess a demonstrated commitment to corporate social responsibility

 Demonstrate financial awareness and responsibility Worship

 Leads the congregation with an attitude and lifestyle of worship through o Preaching and teaching God’s Word
o Evangelism outreach
o Music and praise

o Commitment to marriage and family
o Building relationships
o Dedication to prayer
o Integrity in the workplace and in all things for the Glory of God


 Equips the saints for acts of service, evangelism, and discipleship training; recognizes the gifts and talents of the church body; actively promotes opportunities to share the gospel with the unsaved and to grow all believers to maturity in Christ.


 Works with and guides existing church staff; delegates responsibilities appropriately; works collaboratively with and encourages the efforts of the church boards, committees, ministries to successfully function as a church body; does not micromanage; strong and effective communicator; strong organizational skills, embraces and leverages technology as a tool for administration and effective ministry.

Personal Character

 Is a role model; maintains the highest standard for ethical conduct and integrity; transparent; willing to admit failures; a living example; demonstrates good stewardship in managing personal finances.

Pastoral Profile

Experience: A licensed or ordained minister holding to Baptist teachings; six years or more of senior pastoral experience is required; significant related experience which includes experiences in church administration (e.g., Assistant Pastor, Executive Pastor, Associate Minister); the applicant’s education must include at least a Master of Divinity or Theology from an accredited theological seminary.

Preaching: Preaches with an emphasis on exegetical/expository preaching with a sound, unwavering commitment to the Word of God; carefully guards the pulpit entrusted to him from strange doctrines and worldly thinking; preaches the whole counsel of God, not for personal agendas, political correctness, nor fear of man’s opinions.

Teaching: Emphasizing Christian Education has a demonstrated aptness for Bible-based teaching; leads and teaches stimulating Bible studies, classes and seminars.

Leadership: Leads by biblical example and lifestyle, putting God first, family, and church family; eager to serve with humility; has a teachable spirit, and sees oneself as an equal part of the body of Christ under His headship – first among equals.

Shepherding: Considers the needs of the entire church; watches over the flock; guards the church body from false teachings, and secular ideas; encourages and reaches out to all members of the church family regardless of age or gender or race; works to bridge generational gaps; promotes a spirit of unity and of love among all members of the body.

Pastoral Counseling: Gives sound, biblical counsel, advice, and guidance; encourages mature believers in the faith to assist with counseling opportunities through various ministries and outreach opportunities.

Prayer: Prays dedicatedly for the saints and encourages a lifestyle of prayer; is committed to both public prayer (congregational/small group outreach) and private prayer (with spouse and children/personal alone time); leads by example.

Outreach/Evangelism: Is committed to making an impact on the surrounding communities and then throughout all the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, with various ministries, missions and outreach opportunities.

Vision: Understands the strengths and weaknesses of the church family; learns from past successes and failures; recognizes the gifts, talents, and faithfulness of its members; builds upon the biblical principles and standards which have endured for generations in order to cast a vision for the future of God’s people at Union Baptist Church.

Fellowship: Actively encourages and promotes both intra-and interchurch fellowship with those of like faith (not necessarily of like denomination).

Vacant Pulpit: Central Baptist Church, Denver, CO (Deadline January 30, 2015)

Central Baptist Church

“The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody”

2400 California Street Denver, CO 80205

Senior Pastor Position Available

Sis. Lois Y. Johnson: Chairperson 2400 California Street
Denver, CO 80205 303-388-1246

Deacon Michael Griffin: Co-Chairperson 2400 California Street
Denver, CO 80205

Congregation Size: 400; Active Members: 200 Denomination: National Baptist USA Participation: Active

About Us: Central Baptist Church is a 123 year old Landmark located in the Historic Five Points Community, Denver’s first predominantly African-American neighborhood. This dynamic neighborhood is currently experiencing a period of resurgence and revitalization, creating new housing and business opportunities which maximize its near downtown Denver location.

Central serves as a Beacon of Hope and Salvation for this immediate community, the city of Denver, the State of Colorado and beyond.

Through the efforts of the Church leadership and the very dedicated and loyal membership, Central embarked upon a long range building project in 2004. This plan included the purchasing of the remaining city block of 2400 to 2500 California Street. In addition, this long range plan includes the retention and renovation of the old Historical Sanctuary. The first phase of the project was completed in September 2006.

Generally, the Church enjoys a dynamic, progressive Sunday School and worship service each Sunday. Our Deacon and Deaconess Ministries capitalize on the Holy Spirit already present in each member, setting the tone for the divine inspired message to come. All of our services are accompanied by a spirit filled melodious Mass Choir, Male Chorus, or Youth\Children Choir on their respective Sundays to serve, under the Direction of a very talented Minister of Music.

Our congregation is comprised of many long time, loyal and committed Christians. It’s a diverse educational, socio-economical membership\audience that includes youth, young adults, singles and many families. They are hardworking, loyal, unique, eager to learn, and determined to serve our extended communities through various ministries.

One of our Associate Ministers currently serves as the Interim Pastor. There is also a part time Administrative Assistant on Staff.

Senior Pastor Qualification:

  •   Spiritually Gifted
  •   Excellent Communicator
  •   Quality People Skills
  •   Called by God (Confirmed from other believers)
  •   Fulfills Scriptural description of qualifications as written in (Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-

    9) and other Biblical References.

  •   Ordained
  •   Minimum 5 years of ministerial/pastoral experience
  •   Demonstrates the epitome of moral integrity: models and lives it daily
  •   Agrees with the constitutions and by-laws of Central Baptist Church

    The Senior Pastor shall be instrumental in facilitating the development of Church Ministries and program including but not limited to Youth Ministries.

    The Senior Pastor is mutually accountable to the official boards and serves at the pleasure of the congregation. The Senior Pastor will lead and encourage the execution of God’s vision, mission and goals for the Church. Formal preaching, teaching and personal relations will facilitate the delivery of the Gospel message.

    All interested persons, please respond by: January 30, 2015.

Vacant Pulpit – Second Missionary Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN (Deadline: December 1, 2014)

The Pulpit Committee of Second Missionary Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN is prayerfully seeking a full-time Senior Pastor called by God to serve as the spiritual leader of the congregation. Our Church is committed to fulfill our purpose, which is the enhancement and advancement of the Kingdom of God through worship, preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, evangelism, missionary endeavors, teaching of sound Baptist doctrine, engaging in pastoral care, Christian education, and Church ministries. The church profile, job description and application are located on website under Pulpit Committee.  The requested information must be postmarked by December 1, 2014.  If you have any questions, please send an email to

Vacant Pulpit – New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church, Louisville, KY (Deadline November 30, 2014)

New Covenant Baptist Church, P.O. 11147, Louisville, KY 40251

New Covenant Baptist Church now accepting resumes to fill the position of Pastor.

New Covenant Baptist is seeking an ordained preacher / teacher to fill the position of pastor.

All travel and lodging expenses will be the responsibility of the candidate.   

Please send resumes and letter of interest to: New Covenant Baptist Church
Attn: Pastoral Search Committee P.O. Box 11147, Louisville KY 40251.

“Resumes and letter of interest must be postmarked by November 30, 2014”.

Vacant Pulpit – Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Paducah, KY (Deadline: November 30, 2014)

Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a God-Called, Ordained Baptist Pastor to edify through God’s Holy Word, and to direct our congregation by divine example, strong leadership abilities, and Scriptural teaching. Submit the candidate package by mail.

Candidate Package must contain:

1.  Current Resume including summary of relevant ministry, professional and educational experience;

2.  Copy of Ministerial License(s), Ordination Certificate, and Degree(s);

3.  Three Recommendation Letters: Two from fellow clergy and one personal.


Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Pastor Search Committee
PO Box 8496
Paducah, Kentucky 42002

Vacant Church: First Baptist Church, Columbia, Kentucky (deadline: October 3, 2014)

From the American Baptist Newspaper

The First Baptist Church in Columbia, Kentucky is seeking a minister to pastor our congregation. He must preach and teach sound doctrine, without compromise. He must love the Lord and love all God’s people. The Pulpit Committee will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by a candidate, i.e., all travel and lodging expenses. Resumes and letters of inquiry should be sent by October 3, 2014 to:

First Baptist Church
Pulpit Committee
P.O. Box 956
Columbia, Kentucky 42728

Vacant Church: Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church, Louisville, KY (deadline September 15, 2014)

Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church is now accepting resumes to fill the position of Pastor. Please send resumes to:

Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church
Attn: Pastoral Search Committee
PO Box 161836
Louisville, Kentucky 40216

NOTE: The Pastoral Search Committee will not be responsible for travel and lodging expenses incurred by a candidate.

Resumes must be postmarked by Monday, September 15, 2014.

Vacant Pastoral Staff Position: Associate Pastor of Family Ministries, St. John’s Congregational Church, Springfield, MA (Deadline July 25, 2014)

St. John’s Congregational Church

Springfield, MA




St. John’s Congregational Church in Springfield, MA is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of Family Ministries. St. John’s, a predominantly African-American congregation, has been pointing souls to a better religious, social and economic life since it was founded in 1844. It is located in an urban, multi-ethnic community and enjoys growing ethnic and cultural diversity in its membership. Currently, St. John’s has over 1,500 individuals on its membership rolls and a weekly attendance of between 650-700. There are approximately 30 ministries that provide service, support, fellowship and outreach to the congregation and beyond. St. John’s is on the cutting edge of ministry in New England.












The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries shares in the basic functions of pastoral ministry with special emphasis in areas related to ministries directly related to the Family. The Associate Pastor will plan, organize and implement, along with ministry coordinators, a wide range of activities for those under their care. He/she will be responsible for recruiting and training adult and youth volunteers.



Primary Responsibilities involve, but not limited to the following duties:

  1. Participates in the leadership of worship in the congregation on a regularly scheduled basis.
  2. On an ongoing basis, plans for, organizes, and implements a youth activities program for school-aged youth and young adults.
  3. Plans, organizes, and implements special youth worship services, retreats, camps, trips, etc.
  4. Develops youth leadership to assist in ongoing and special youth programs.
  5. Recruits, orients and trains adult volunteers to assist in youth activities and special events.
  6. Advocates youth issues to the congregation with the objective of making the youth more visible to and involved with the congregation.
  7. Plans and promotes worship education and leadership skill development for ministries.
  8. Maintains regular contact with youth and young adults as may be required. Available on a limited basis for crisis intervention and counseling. Serves as a resource for those involved in ministries for the development of their own faith journey and to assist in coping with challenges of daily life.
  9. Works cooperatively with the church staff to coordinate activities with those of the whole church and to help achieve the church’s mission and goals.
  10. Supervises the following ministries and ministry volunteers:

Youth Ministry Coordinator(s)

Children’s Ministry Coordinator(s)

Married Couples Ministry Coordinator(s)

Single’s Ministry Coordinator(s)

Seasoned Saints Ministry Coordinator(s)

  1. Performs other duties as may be requested or required from time to time by the Senior Pastor.


QUALIFICATIONS: The ideal candidate will be a person who:

  1. Is gifted and is called to youth ministry and who can teach/preach, loves young people, and has a passion for evangelism and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level;
  2. Knows the Bible and can relate faith to the needs of children, youth and their families;
  3. Has the ability to communicate and demonstrate his/her personal life journey, faith, love and commitment to Christ daily;
  4. Has a minimum of 3 years’ experience working with, preferably leading youth, young adult ministries or family ministries;
  5. Must have strong skills to organize programs and activities and to activate responsibilities with minimum supervision and follow-up;
  6. Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and is willing and able to take initiative and problem-solve when necessary;
  7. Has a high standard in attitude, outlook, and morals, with an awareness of the importance of example.



The successful candidate will have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree. A theological degree (Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of Theology) is preferred.



Commensurate with experience.



To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, 3 references (2 ministry and 1 personal), and a DVD or video clip demonstrating your preaching and teaching abilities.


Mail applications to:

St. John’s Congregational Church

Attn: Associate Pastor Search Committee

45 Hancock Street

Springfield, MA 01109






Deadline: Applications are due Friday, July 25, 2014.


St. John’s Congregational Church

45 Hancock Street

Springfield, MA 01109


Vacant Church: Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK (Deadline July 31, 2014)

Pastor Vacancy Announcement

Tabernacle Baptist Church of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is currently seeking a full-time pastor. We are a loving, historical church and we are affiliated with the East Zion Consolidated District, the Oklahoma State Missionary Baptist Convention, and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

The church is seeking a spirit-filled leader with sterling qualifications. A seminary-trained leader with a minimum of five years of experience as a pastor is p…referred. Tabernacle seeks a gifted teacher and an effective communicator. The applicant must be able to provide pastoral care to our multi-generational congregation. This leader must have a divine calling and fully embrace the Baptist Doctrine.

Click the link below to download an application package.

If you are unable to download this application, you may request a copy by calling the church office at 405-424-7767; between the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesday – Friday.

Applications and resumes will be accepted July 1 through July 31, 2014.

Please submit by U.S. Mail to:

Pastor Search Committee
Tabernacle Baptist Church
P. O. Box 721863
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73172

The committee will acknowledge receipt of all applications and resumes.

Questions may be referred to:

Deacon Roderick Bruner
405-570-4873, cell


Deaconess Ruby Harris
405-843-7025, home
405-414-9605, cell


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