Worship Re-Cap: September 2, 2012

This was the most difficult day that we (FBC and I) have walked through together. The weather was cloudy with some light rain, but our difficulty had nothing to do with rain and everything to do with bereavement.

We gathered together (in good numbers) in both services with the cloud of the loss of Sis. Carol Davis and Sis. Mabel Conda weighing heavily on our minds.

At 8:00 a.m., we had two souls (coincidently) to be baptized – two grown women – and I am certainly thankful for that. The service was a little behind time, so I preached a sermon on renewed commitment, “Don’t Jump Ship!(1 Corinthians 4:1).” The purpose of the message was to recount the purpose of the rowers in the hull of a ship in New Testament times, that they were responsible as the engine to the ship, therefore, we must continue rowing and rowing and rowing .. . until the Lord taps us on the shoulder and says “well done,” just as he had down with Sis. Davis and Sis. Conda.

Minister Pamela Black taught during Sunday School.

At 11:00 a.m. we had the McCoy Family Reunion from California, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and other states worshiping with us. Attendance was down due to the Labor Day holiday and again, bereavement was in the air. I commend our Gospel Choir for singing anyhow – they were awesome. The sermon (see above) went well and something special happened during communion. We started singing “Look Where He Brought Me From” and the Holy Spirit took over. It was a special time of the Spirit ministering to the Pastor and People of FBC. Thank God for His power.

Now, our preparation is for two services this weekend.


GO OREGON! The Oregon Ducks, ranked #5 in the nation, beat Arkansas State like they stole $50 from the Ducks. Final score: 57-34, but it was never close.

DEMOCRATS: Now the week-long rebuttal to the GOP begins this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. I don’t think that President Obama and the team should take the GOP for lightly – they are energized, emboldened and brazen. That’s a very dangerous combination. They’ll get the opportunity to raise the base and with President Clinton – who, if nothing else, will pull out all the stops to help President Obama. Then on Thursday, President Obama must hit the ball out of the park and line out his vision for the next four years.

SAY WHAT: Clint Eastwood needs to retire, immediately, yesterday.

CONVENTIONS: I won’t be going to National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. in Atlanta like I had planned due to my wife’s illness and now two funerals to preach. The National Missionary Baptist Convention of America will meet in Los Angeles and they will be electing a new President to succeed the late Dr. C.C. Robertson. My understanding is there are at least two candidates – Dr. Nehemiah Davis, acting President from Fort Worth, TX and Rev. Dale Jay Sanders from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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