How to Think Little

KFC is running a commercial about a new chicken sandwich. They show an office staff meeting when the supervisor says “you want to be little, you’ve got to think little. You want that small office? Think little. You want that small raise? Think little.”

Unfortunately this disease is found in ministry today. Pastor Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr. of Kansas City, MO once said, “it’s hard to be big, when little’s got you.” Little is killing our churches, killing our pulpits and unfortunately killing the quality of preaching across the country. However, I’ve had access to part of the little manual and I want to share three points of how to think little:

1.  Reject Counsel

The Bible declares “if a man lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God.” However, the problem is that some of us wouldn’t ask God for counsel or another pastor or another minister – therefore, rejecting counsel. No minister makes it on his own and no situation is unique. I’ve been blessed by a network of resources and counselors that I have depended on for years – pastors like A. Bernard Devers, Johnny Pack, IV, James C.E. Faulkner, LeeArthur J. Madison, Willie James Smith, Carl J. Anderson, Barton Elliott Harris, Raymond Bowman, Stephen John Thurston, Samuel H. Smith, Sr., Jimmie Hardaway, Clifford Williams, Darron LaMonte Edwards, Michael Robinson, Emmanuel Young, and many, many others whose perspectives I admire.  If you want to be little, reject the counsel from a friend.

2.  Disconnect Spiritually

If you want to be little the best thing to do is disconnect from the power source. Stop praying, stop worshiping, stop studying, stop meditating, stop reading, stop interacting – just unplug and become disaffected by worship, study and prayer. We need a continual filling by the Holy Spirit to do ministry. However, when your schedule becomes your master and you never communicate with the Master – you will find yourself powerless, impotent and you’ll preach on skills instead of by Spirit. If you want to be little, disconnect spiritually.

3.  Make Little Investments

If you want to be little start making limited or no investments into your ministry. I’m not talking about clothing or the latest P.A. System or the latest automobile. I’m talking about the investments into your ministry. If you pull out your checkbook and you can’t find any entries for “books” or “vacation” or “institutes” or “class” or “education” – you’re not a wise steward of your resources. I’ve discovered that when you preach or teach – you’re emptying yourself and your resources and they have to be replenished. If you give and give and give and never receive, a day will come when there is nothing left to share. If you want to be little, don’t invest in your own ministry.

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