Today is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center, the US Pentagon, and the loss of lives in New York, Washington/Arlington, and Pennsylvania. How the world has changed.

Those unforgettable images still ring in what Dr. Levi Baldwin, Jr. used to call “the museum of my memory.” The world literally stood still as we watched the breaking news of a “fire” at the World Trade Center, only to discover that it was the aftermath of a plane collision and then to hear of the hijacking of airplanes from Boston airport, we soon began to understand that this was going to be one of the monumental events of US history. It has changed our lives.

It has forever changed our lives. The phrase “TSA” was foreign to us on September 10. The many regulations that we gladly accept in lieu of our safety has been immense. There are those who still are not whole or made whole by the loss of loved ones, commerce, relationships, etc.

One thing the enemies of this nation may have miscounted is this – we are at our best under pressure. Even though we have political leanings we are very much American. Even though we have divisions that range from age to sex to religion – we are very much American. We don’t have a perfect country – but we all claim it as ours.

May God heals those hearts, and may He continue to bless the USA.

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