When It’s Time to Go

I just got off of the phone with a pastor who is going through a storm with his congregation. I talked with him, prayed with him, tried to encourage him and he asked me about leaving his church. I wrote this piece several years ago and I am posting it on his behalf, and on behalf of Pastors who are going through overwhelming struggles and the affect is destroying themselves and their families.

It needs to be said that I am a blessed pastor. God has given me a great congregation, First Baptist Church, and He has done great things in this ministry marriage the past three years. However, I know many a pastor who are not experiencing a fulfilling and healthy ministry.

I pray this will help someone:

1. When you drive up to the church, and your blood pressure starts to go through the roof – it’s time to go.

2. When you put your keys in the door and dread walking through the door – it’s time to go.

3. When you feel more appreciated by people from other churches than the people you serve – it’s time to go.

4. When the church constantly remains in turmoil – it’s time to go.

5. When the church is affecting your quality of life with your family – it’s time to go.

6. When you Pastor only in the pulpit and nowhere else – it’s time to go.

7. When they gladly pay a guest preacher but have issues paying you – it’s time to go.

8. When the “powers that be” are in open rebellion and God seemingly is opening doors to other pastoral opportunities – it’s time to go.

9. When it looks like you’ve finished the work or assignments that God sent you there to do in the first place – it’s time to go.

10. Finally, when you come to the pulpit consistently with “day old bread” instead of a fresh word – it’s time to go.

3 responses

  1. Good stuff, preacher! Glad to see that you’re still throwing strikes! Bro Ramey

  2. You have blessed me on several points however, what is your answer on dividing your family duties, and father duties, with your church calling. I ask this because my uncle stayed at the church all the time and I feel he was never home and because of that, he neglected his family and now his children are all over the place.

    1. I don’t have a blank answer because every situation is different. If you have small children, obviously they need your time. If you have teenagers, they don’t require as much time, but they require presence at major events in their lives. I also know that you can spend all of your time with your children and they will still act a fool. I think you have to gauge it for yourself. Also, make sure that you request/require at least day off a week for family or personal time.

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