Guest Speakers at First Baptist Church since 2009

Reflecting on today, I want to go back and look at who have served as Guest Speakers at First Baptist Church since April 2009: (Excluding FBC Associate Ministers and Funerals) – if I missed anyone on the list, please let me know in the Comments Section.

Dr. Elizabeth Williams, Nashville, Tennessee
Rev. Clifford Williams, North Augusta, South Carolina
Minister Barton Elliott Harris, Nashville, Tennessee
Rev. Edward B. Johnson, Sr., San Diego, California
Rev. Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr., Kansas City, Missouri
Minister Angie Smith-Peeples, Louisville, Kentucky
Overseer Jonathan McReynolds, Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Robert A. Strode, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. A.E. Reid, Moderator, Earlington, Kentucky
Minister Barton Elliott Harris, Nashville, Tennessee
Rev. Bryant L. Bacon, Sr., Niles, Michigan
Sis. Roz Akins, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Walter L. Parrish, III, Baltimore, Maryland
Dr. D.Z. Cofield, Houston, Texas
Rev. Michael Robinson, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Floyd Greene, Versailles, Kentucky
Dr. Emil Thomas, Washington, DC
Dr. Joseph McDowell, Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Kilen Gray, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Bishop Kenneth B. Spears, Sr., Fort Worth, Texas
Dr. Cheryl D. Walker, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. H. Donald Cockerham, Louisville, Kentucky
Rev. Marlon Mack, Gary, Indiana
Dr. Thurman Coleman, Louisville, Kentucky
Rev. Daniel Corrie Shull, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Bernard J. Sutton, Chicago, Illinois
Rev. Jamal Floyd Pickens, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Lincoln Bingham, Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Meadowlark Lemon, Phoenix, Arizona
Rev. Casandra Gray, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Pastor Carole Jacobs, Frankfort, Kentucky
Rev. Elvyn Hamilton, Frankfort, Kentucky
Rev. Leslie Whitlock, Frankfort, Kentucky
Dr. L.A. Newby, Frankfort, Kentucky
Rev. Jermaine Wilson, Frankfort, Kentucky
Rev. Shalmon Radford, Madisonville, Kentucky
Rev. Michael Jackson, Lexington, Kentucky
Minister Rhoda Raglin, Georgetown, Kentucky
Rev. Dianne Brown, Louisville, Kentucky
Bishop D.S. Briggs, St. Louis, Missouri
Rev. Paris L. Smith, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Rev. Emmanuel P. Young, Greensburg, Kentucky
Rev. Reginald Davis, Keene, Kentucky
Rev. Allataye A. Russ, Nashville, Tennessee

3 responses

  1. How did you use so many preachers in 41 months; enlighten me please.

    1. All of our annual days are during the morning worship and we have two services that have to be covered.

  2. Thank you I thought that was the case. Also I left a comment on “when it’s time for a pastor to leave” it really blessed me I had an opportunity to leave to years ago but loved the people too much even though The Lord released me. I am genuinely paying for it now. I BELEIVE I will be gone by next year; when I do you have to come and preach for me where ever The Lord will have me

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