The Cake of Preaching

Earlier today I taught a class on Expository Preaching trying to compress a few weeks into a few hours. The Lord gave me a Cake to illustrate Expository preaching and I thought I would share it with someone tonight to assist in their preaching:

(From the top)

Candle/Flame is the Subject, to draw attention, that’s written LAST.

The Frosting is the Conclusion and Celebration, that’s written just before the Subject.

Each layer is different, but is made from the same batter (the Word). Each layer (point of the sermon) may be different, but it should be gleaned from the announced text. It should be exegesis not isogesis.

Hope this helps someone . . .

2 responses

  1. Pastor, this is good. I am now starting to have monthly minister’s meetings and a majority of my ministers are in their 20’s. This will certainly bring clarity and understanding to them.


    Pastor Robert A. Angel
    Redemption Fellowship Church
    Milwaukee, WI 53206

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