Friday Night Live . . . a few thoughts!

Tonight is the kick-off of our Young Adult Revival and our guest speaker this year is Pastor Daniel Corris Shull of the Burnett Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville. I’ve known Pastor Shull for a few years now and I was impressed when I first met him. He’s a graduate of Fisk and has a unique exposition of the Word of God. He’s a very gifted preacher and when he preached for us last year for our of our annual days, he taught our Church how to dance! “Just put your fist out and put one leg behind another, then think of His goodness and switch legs, then think about how He saved you…” Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable messages I’ve heard in recent memory. If you’re in Frankfort area, join us Friday night (tonight) at 7 p.m. and Sunday evening at 5 p.m. The KSU Gospel Choir will sing at both services and the Burnett Avenue Choir will join in on Sunday.

The Oregon Ducks are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Uh oh. The SI jinx has been around for years and you know I’m pulling for the #3 ranked Ducks. This is not a good sign so I’m singing the mantra, “I don’t believe in the SI Jinx / I don’t believe in the SI Jinx / I don’t believe / I don’t believe…”

I’m trying to find a low cost ticket to go home to see Mom and my family in Portland. Wow did I get a price shock today – $500 plus for a roundtrip ticket and if you add in hotel and rental car, it’s well over $1,000. I guess I’ll wait to the fares go down. (Please Lord…).

This is day four of NO MORE SODAS. That’s right – I finally made the break and the results are in. My ankles have been swelling for years, I thought, because of diabetes and when I stopped drinking sodas, my body’s been going through adjustment syndrome and one benefit – no more swelling. I’m drinking gallons of water, tea, and coffee (I know, caffeine). And my body is deflating (thank God). Shirts fit a little better this morning and I’m telling God thank you and my kidneys say thank you as well.

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