Sunday, September 23, 2012

I returned to the pulpit of First Baptist Church today after our 179th Church Anniversary celebration. I preached in both the 8 a.m. and our new 11 a.m. abbreviated worship service. We began promptly at 11 a.m. and surprisingly I gave the benediction around 12:10 p.m.

The new order of worship was interesting to unfold today. We didn’t have a choir due to all of our activities this week, so we had prayer, scripture reading, welcome, offering congregational singing and a soloist (Min. Sheniqua Roberts) and then the word.

I preached in both services the sermon, “Have You Lost Your Axe-Head?” It is an awesome text from 2 Kings 6:1-7 and it was definitely a pastoral sermon. I was led of the Holy Spirit to encourage those who had lost their axe-heads (which represents service, ministry). It was a great exposition and I believe well received in both services.

After worship I went to our monthly Trustee Board meeting and then home to rest for the 5 p.m. conclusion of the Young Adult Revival. Are you ready for some football?

Dallas 16, Tampa Bay 10 – could have been much worst, but we’ll take the win!
Chicago 23, St. Louis 6 – no surprise there.
Minnesota 24, San Francisco 13 – could the first few games of the year be a fluke and this was the real 49ers?
Tennessee 44, Detroit 41 – very exciting overtime game. 
Cincinnati 38, Washington 31 – RG3 is still the real deal but he’s going to have a long season with mediocre teammates.
Kansas City 27, New Orleans 24 – The Saints season is too early to declare it over, but…
NY Jets 23, Miami 20 – Should have never been this close.
Buffalo 24, Cleveland 14 – The Bills may be the surprise of the league. 
Jacksonville 22, Indianapolis 17 – Hello Mr. Manning, please stop laughing on the phone.
Arizona 27, Philadelphia 6 – I’m still pulling for Michael Vick. But I’m a Cowboys fan so this was good news.
Atlanta 27, San Diego 3 – Chargers are way overrated.
Houston 31, Denver 25 – Hello Mr. Tebow, please stop laughing on the phone.
Oakland 34, Pittsburgh 31 – There’s something missing in Pittsburgh’s defense – oh yeah, it’s defense.
New England 30, Baltimore 21 (4th Quarter as of this writing)

Tonight was the closeout of the Young Adult Revival. We had the KSU Gospel Ensemble and the Burnett Avenue Missionary Baptist Church of Louisville, KY as our musical guests.

Our guest preacher was a young man I’m really impressed with – Pastor Daniel Corrie Shull of Burnett Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. At the age of 25, he’s one of the most articulate, biblical and strong preachers of his generation. He’s been pastoring since the age of 20 and has served two churches, the other being First Baptist Church Campbellsville, KY. He blessed us tonight in his sermon about Noah’s nakedness before his sons. He scattered nuggets and made a tremendous impact upon us. I encourage Pastors to listen to his sermon and consider bringing him to your church.

After worship we had a chance to hang out at Buffalo Wild Wings. We had a great fellowship, ate well, and discussed ministry, life, etc.

Then home to watch the Emmys (Homeland won?) and then Boardwalk Empire (I still can’t understand how Nucky Thompson’s wife, Margaret is still alive after signing away all of that land to the Church. But in case she does it again, our church address is 100 . . .

Good night y’all.

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