Monday (Sunday) Night Recap

This weekend I was the guest of Rev. Derek Witcher and the Israelite Missionary Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio. It was the very first time I’ve ever set foot in Cleveland and it was worth the journey. Pastor Witcher is a pastor’s pastor – he knows how to treat a pastor, fellowship, feed (smile), and he pastors one of the great congregations in Cleveland. I enjoyed the worship experience and as he told his church, “Pastor Houston has some come-back in him. He will be coming back.”  Praise God for HIS faithfulness to this preacher. If you are in the Cleveland area, you owe it to see Israelite in action – well oiled, fine tuned, and serious about ministry. We praise God for one adult female giving her life to the Lord and being led in the sinner’s prayer by Pastor Witcher.  Awesome!!! Thank you Pastor Witcher, First Lady Witcher and the Witcher Children and Church Family for your hospitality. Also, thanks to the Cleveland pastors and preachers who hung out with us as well.

While in Cleveland I went by the historic East Mount Zion Baptist Church which is pastored by one of my icons of my young ministry, Dr. A. Charles Bowie. East Mount Zion is a wonder to behold. They don’t make churches like this anymore. It’s majestic, high ceiling, ante-rooms, hundreds of thousands of square feet and a very impressive family life center named appropriately after Dr. Bowie. Dr. Bowie is entering the latter stages of his life, but he has been an encourager and I am always impressed by his linguistics. He talks majestically – like you can tell he has spent some serious time with the Lord. What drew me to Dr. Bowie as a young preacher was that persona and I pray I can develop it as well – to feel as if that when someone comes to talk with you, you’ve interrupted a personal conversation between him and the Lord.

First Baptist Church was in good hands on Sunday. I’m going to be listening to CDs this week to hear the word preached by two of my sons, Minister Andrae Walker and Minister Timothy Taylor. I’m godly proud of both of these men and look forward to hearing their sermonic presentations.

When flying home today it was the bumpiest ride from Chicago to Louisville I’ve ever experienced, including hitting a couple of air pockets. We normally land north to south, but because the conditions were so bad, we flew over Louisville airport, circled around and landed south to north. I don’t complain – it’s better to land than never to have landed at all.

I’m grieving the loss of dear ones in my life – Sister Alice Perkins, Sister Alice Newsome and Deacon Mack Haynes. Check out “Homegoing of a Saint” to read about their lives.

Another weekend of NFL Football has come and gone. The results were:
Baltimore 23, Cleveland 16 – it was never that close.
Atlanta 30, Carolina 28 – ATL is FOR REAL.
New England 52, Buffalo 28 – Somebody needs to call the SPCA, it’s terrible to watch buffaloes whooped like this.
Minnesota 20, Detroit 13 – I thought this was supposed to be “the year.”
Houston 38, Tennessee 14 – Houston has no problems, Tennessee you have a problem. Time to blow the team up.
San Diego 37, Kansas City 20 – Ho hum…
San Francisco 34, New York Jets 0 – I would say a QB change is on the horizon.
St. Louis 19, Seattle 13 – Serves you right after last week’s game Seahawks.
Arizona 24, Miami 21 – Gone are the days of Czonka, Kiick, and Warfield. Miami is fish food.
Denver 37, Oakland 6 – What shoulder issues? Manning’s playing like a young man again. Oakland, turn off the lights on your season.
Cincinnati 26, Jacksonville 10 – No way to be embarassed at home.
Washington 24, Tampa Bay 22 – This was a great game. If RG3 is not rookie of the year, there is no justice in this world.
Philadelphia 19, NY Giants 17 – Very entertaining game. Stratergery just didn’t work for the Giants, but they made it a great game.
Dallas vs. Chicago Bears – I predict Dallas by 8.   (#*&@)@__#*@^^@()#&^)!@_* Romo!

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