Sunday Night Recap (on Monday) – October 14, 2012

Frankfort has been hosting the annual Homecoming Celebration of Kentucky State University and this is the first year we’ve had two services have a flurry of activity. Lord willing, next year, we won’t have two services – just one.

Anyway, the Lord’s people came to church, for that I am grateful.

We had our 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services and the Lord was kind in both services. I preached a sermon, “Decisions That Create Circumstances.” I didn’t feel that I had communicated what the Lord was saying in a good fashion, but my members gave back a lot of positive feedback. For that again, I am grateful.

The weather was an issue – there was a thunderstorm warning out for our area (it arrived briefly late in the afternoon). The wind was howling and the leaves are blowing everywhere. Fall is here.

I’m preparing to take a few personal days away. There is something that I have to take care of that’s near and dear to my heart and I pray that everything will be all right.

And now, football . . .

Tennessee 26, Pittsburgh 23 – Tennessee wins a stunner. Pittsburgh should have rolled over the Titans.
Tampa Bay 38, Kansas City 10 – This should have been called the “ho-hum” bowl. Nobody cares – both teams will be lucky to have 50% winning records at the end of the year.
New York Jets 35, Indianapolis 9 – Do people remember that Peyton Manning had a horrible first season? Welcome to the NFL Mr. Luck.
Cleveland 34, Cincinnati 24 – Yes, Cleveland, there is a God. That 4th quarter performance in front of a home crowd was awesome.
Detroit 26, Philadelphia 23 – I can’t put my hands on it, but something is wrong with the Eagles. They look ill-timed.
Atlanta 23, Oakland 20 – OK, I’m now on the Falcons bandwagon. They are unbelievable this year. Oakland – it’s just lose, baby.
Miami 17, St. Louis 14 – Zzzzzz….
Baltimore 31, Dallas 29 – If you need prima faca evidence that the Cowboys need a real quarterback, this game is it, but it looks like several key members of the Ravens will be out, possible for the season, including Ray Lewis.
Buffalo 19, Arizona 16 – In the battle of cold vs. hot, cold wins.
Seattle 24, New England 23 – How do the Seahawks keep winning? New England scored in every quarter and still lost. SMH . . .
New York Giants 26, San Francisco 3 – Note to the 49ers, the road to the Super Bowl may go through the Giants. And whoever stole that money from Eli Manning got their tail beat on the field.
Washington 38, Minnesota 26 – RG3 – enough said. Amazing quarterback and Amazing running back in one package.
Green Bay 42, Houston 24 – Very proud of my nephew Willie Green, starting RB for the Packers. Great job young man! Houston, it’s just one loss.
MNF – Denver at San Diego – San Diego by 13.

One response

  1. Peyton still has some life left in his arm. He made history. Greatest Monday Night Football come from behind saga EVER! From 24 points down to a ROUT! Wonder how that $95 million is doing…

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