Preparing for Sunday

by Robert Earl Houston

SOMEWHERE OVER TENNESSEE – I’m in mid-flight preparing to land in Louisville in about 30 minutes. My body is really tired. My plane was delayed for two hours (it was coming from the west coast and was delayed from both Orange County, CA and San Francisco, CA.

But my heart is not tired, but excited about Sunday. If there was ever a time I need a good, solid word from The Lord, it’s tomorrow. God is providential. He knew everything this week and how everything would turn out and that I was not scheduled to preach in the morning – it’s Ushers Day and we have to capable speakers – Rev. Anna Jones and Dr. Cheryl Walker.

There is a time when the preacher who preaches needs to be preached to. My spiritual battery is admittedly very low – but not so low that it couldn’t receive a jump or a jolt. I come to the worship tomorrow weary, beat-down, and without going into a lot of detail, disappointed. But this is what Sundays in worship are for – to hear a word from The Lord.

I’m in need for a word badly. You won’t hear too many pastors say this, but i will – I couldn’t preach tomorrow if i could – i’m too pained, I’m too damaged, and I need to be ministered to. No pastor should show up just for the sake of preaching, when he’s troubled in spirit of his or her own self.

I’ve stood in times of divorce, church issues, death in my family, and other issues – but this week I just can’t do it. And I’m believing God that after hearing two dynamic sermons, I’ll be ready to get back to living again.

As of now, I just want to hear a preached word!

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by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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