That Takes A Lot Of Nerve

by Robert Earl Houston

HOUSTON, TX – I’m en route from Dallas to Louisville by way of Houston. It’s not my preferred routing, but when you fly Southwest Airlines, choice is not a primary word for this carrier. But the people are nice and they do a great job of serving you (hopefully one day they will get beyond peanuts and pretzels).

I am wearing a pair of black and white jogging pants and an Alex Rodriguez authentic New York Yankees jersey. Needless to say after the week that he and the Yankees have had, I’ve had complete strangers walk up to me and strike up conversations – some expressing delight in their demise; others saying ‘wait ’til next year;’ others even saying that I must be a true blue fan; others who wanted to make comments on Rodriguez’s alleged flirtation with fans during his benching.

But as i was walking through the terminal of Dallas Love Field, I heard a couple of guys say while I was walking through, “that takes a lot of nerve to wear that uniform after they were put out of the playoffs.”

I got to thinking (it’s the preacher in me), after the week I’ve had personally – a week that I was expecting great things of God, only to be really disappointed – only to discover that obedience doesn’t always mean victory – that it does take a lot of nerve to wear the uniform of defeat publicly.

It’s akin to wearing the uniform of the Christians in the Roman Empire days of the lions.
It’s akin to wearing a “Team Adam” tee shirt after the expulsion from the garden of Eden.
It’s akin to wearing a “Santorum for President” tee shirt at a Romney Rally.

Very few of us want to identify with defeat. However, I want to suggest that there is something that is beneficial by identifying with a loss.

First, it teaches us that sometimes things are out of our personal control.
Second, it teaches us that life is not always a win-win scenario.
Thirdly, it teaches us that trusting God may mean He reserves the right to say “no.”

So, I want to applaud all of those who have had their heart broken, scarred by abusive relationships, shell-shock by dramatic events, aged by physical and emotional issues.

That takes a lot of nerve, but it also takes a lot of God to walk with you through it.

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