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Sunday Night Re-cap – October 21, 2012

We had a very good Sunday at First Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. Today was our annual Ushers Day and the Ushers decided to worship en mass at both services – which was very impressive. This year they highlighted the life of one of the faithful warriors of the Usher Board – the late Sis. Mabel Conda – she would have been very proud of today’s events.

Today is the first time I’ve been in worship since the debacle in Dallas. I don’t want to go into any details but let’s just say that I really needed to be around my First Baptist church family. I am without any reservations in saying this – I KNOW that First Baptist Church loves their Pastor. Today, I was encouraged by them. Yes, I had some teary moments in church today but just to know that I had the opportunity to worship God in the midst of the most loving, kind, and connected congregation in my life – I, was and still am, truly grateful.

At 8:00 a.m., one of our daughters of the house, Rev. Anna Jones, preached an awesome message, “I Hear The Sound of The Abundant Rain” from 1 Kings and what a message it was. Rev. Jones reminded us that God sends sounds before He sends miracles. It was a SOUND that Elijah heard (rain) before his victory at Mt. Carmel. It was a SOUND that the Disciples heard in the Upper Room before the filling of the Holy Spirit. It was a tremendous word.

At 11:00 a.m., Dr. Cheryl D. Walker of First Gethsemane Baptist Church where her husband, Dr. T. Vaughn Walker is the pastor, was our guest speaker. This is Dr. Walker’s second visit to FBC and she came prepared for “assignment.” She noticed a paradigm shift that we’re preparing to make and she addressed it head on and I believe preached one of the best Ushers Day messages I’ve ever heard. She intertwined the classic scripture, “I’d rather be a doorkeeper” (Psalm 30) with the interaction between Jesus and Martha about Mary. I had never considered that Ushers, those who bring people in and escort them out, are “rather be” people – they are not volunteers, they have a compulsion on the inside. You have to be a “rather be” person – don’t have time for mess, “I’d rather be an usher; Don’t have time for foolishness, I’d rather be an usher.” Awesome exposition.

At 5:00 p.m., we hosted a call meeting of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Kentucky State Convention of the Progressive National Baptist Convention for the purpose of reorganization since the relocation of the president, Sis. Cynthia Jackson. I’m pleased to report that Sis. Sarah Speed of the Historic Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Lexington is our new President! My wife, Jessica, is her First Vice President. They are on their way!


San Francisco 13, Seattle 6 – Not a bad game until the end of the first quarter. Then on, it was all 49ers.
Dallas 19, Carolina 14 – This was a very good game and one that the Cowboys, who haven’t won in a month needed. Cam Newton needs a front line.
New Orleans 35, Tampa Bay 28 – This was a good game as well. It had everything – offense, defense, penalties, hits. Unexpected close game.
Green Bay 30, St. Louis 20 – My nephew, Alex and Company are on a roll. GB seems to play better when they look hungry.
New York Giants 27, Washington 23 – Dear RG3 – you’re going to have a great career, but your team needs to give you some serious help. Too many turnovers.
Houston 43, Baltimore 13 – This was an old fashioned behind kicking. Texans score 20 in the second quarter?
Tennessee 35, Buffalo 34 – A good game as well and Tennessee wins on the road.
Indianapolis 17, Cleveland 13 – This is nothing to brag about. There are teams in the SEC that can beat Cleveland.
New England 29, New York Jets 26 – New York has two extremes – a good football team (the Giants) and a bad football team (the Jets). Either trade one of your quarterbacks or put Tebow in full time.
Oakland 26, Jacksonville 23 – Raiders showed the home crowd flashes from the old Al Davis era – “Just win, baby.”
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Pulling for the Steelers, but this game wouldn’t surprise me.
Detroit at Chicag0 – Chicago by 14.

Thank you for your Support

21,487 and counting . . .

Before I go to bed tonight, I want to thank all of those who are so supportive of my website, http://www.roberthouston.org and the new branding for the site, “THE WIRE.”  As of this morning (it’s about 1:20 a.m.) in just about a month, we’ve had 21,487 visitors to our site, according to WordPress. If these numbers hold, that means over a 250,000 visits will be realized a year, not counting all of the shares, reprints, and “have you seen this?” eses . . .

Before I was called to preach, I aspired to be a writer, specifically a journalist. I was blessed to go to Thomas Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon and majored in Journalism/English. Little did I know that 35 years later, many of those skills I learned back then would still assist me today. I’ll always be grateful for Mrs. Ruthann Hartley-Harris (even though I didn’t get the Editorship, but I’ve gotten over it . . . well, mostly); Ms. Kathy Nolf (she was imagination personified); Mr. Harry Tate (tough as nails English Teacher); and all of those very creative souls at TJHS. We not only produced a newspaper, but a sports magazine (TimeOut), an in-house Television production news broadcast, and I was privileged for several years to apprentice/work at KBPS 1450 AM with Mr. Donald Bird, Mr. Kevin Quick, and Dr. Patricia Swenson, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 93.

Five things you may want to know . . .

1.  I write as I’m inspired. A blog gives you that freedom – no pressure, no deadline.

2.  I write to inspire, help and sometimes inform. Politically I am a Democrat (I come from a family of Louisiana Republicans and when I was 18 in Oregon, I was a registered Republican. I’ve been a Democrat since I was 21).

3.  I’m a grammar freak. If I see something that’s written incorrectly, I go back and fix it a.s.a.p. Even on an airplane.

4.  “The Wire” is named after “The Wire” one of my favorite television shows. My wife will testify, I’ll watch the Wire like it just came on for the first time even though the show’s been off the air for years.

5.  My “blogging inspirations” are two men of God – Pastor H.B. Charles, Jr. and Pastor Dwight McKissic.  All three of us have different styles but they have been very instrumental to me getting into the blogging habit. H.B. is a veracious blogger. I don’t know how he has the time and his blogs are thought-worthy and he does challenge the norms, which I appreciate. Dwight is the Apostle Paul of blogging – he would die on a hill if it meant holding fast to the Word of God. I don’t always agree with him, (but that’s cool, I’m sure that’s vice versa as well) – but I will say this – we have talked on the phone, become friends, and I appreciate his genuineness. Also, he’s no joke at the Southern Baptist Convention – that brother has CLOUT.

Further, the blog is being seen (obviously in the USA) but also in the following nations: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Switzerland, Brazil, Philippines, Germany, Kenya, French Polynesia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Denmark, Bahamas, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, South Africa, Poland, Bahrain, Viet Nam, Spain, Turkey, Nigeria, Japan, Fiji, Virgin Islands, France, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ukraine, New Zealand, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Slovakia.

So, thank y’all for your support. I hope I get “gooder and gooder” at this. I’ve been preaching since 1978. Pastoring since 1989. Black since 1960. Crazy since 1974 (when I entered Jefferson). Musician since 1977. Cowboys fan since about 1975. Saved since 1976. And grateful to God for you . . .


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