by Robert Earl Houston

Which Romney will you vote for?

Over the past seven years, Willard “Mitt” Romney has been running for President of the United States of America. During all of these years, we have met several incarnations of the same person, culminating in the final Presidential Debate in Boca Raton, Florida last night.

I was not impressed enough to change my vote from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney. Matter of fact, I thought I had 3-D glasses on last night because it looked like there must be more than one Mitt Romney.

During the GOP debates Mitt Romney wanted Hispanics to “self-deport.”
Last night’s Romney was silent on the issue.

During the GOP debates Mitt Romney decried the President’s actions in the Middle East.
Last night’s Romney agreed with them.

During the GOP debates Mitt Romney said it wasn’t right to set a timetable of withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Last night’s Romney agreed with them.

During the GOP debates Mitt Romney agreed with the Congress about sequestration.
Last night’s Romney disagreed with them.

During his term as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney was pro-choice.
Last night’s Romney is anti-choice and according to his running mate, a woman should have no choice even if she were raped.

It looks like to me that Mitt Romney will say anything or do anything for a vote. That’s not the kind of leadership that people look forward. I learned through the black church if you say something to get a position, you’ll have to say something to keep a position. If you lie to get in, you’ll have to lie to stay in. If you involve yourself in chameleon behavior to get in, you’ll have to continue that behavior to stay in.

I am personally convinced that a President Romney administration would be a disaster. It reminds me of the opening sequences from the movie “Super 8” – the train comes by as normal and then all of a sudden derails with dangerous flames. A President Romney, who is still in a Ronald Reagan cold-war era mentality will guarantee that our nation will be in some form of a needless boots on the ground war by the end of four years, plunging our nation’s recession into a full-fledged depression.

His performance last night wasn’t geared for the base of the GOP party – it was to try to convince the undecided voter that “Mitt Light” tastes great and is less filling. Better said, his performance last night tasted awful and never hit the spot.

After seven years of campaigning, he should have known that this nation is not that stupid. We know that there is a difference in the incarnations of Romney. If it walks like a Romney or talks like a Romney, wait five minutes, it will walk and talk differently.

2 responses

  1. Question, Do you have as much a problem with the President changing his position on same-gender marriage? He stated in 2006 that his “religious conviction” prevented him from viewing marriage as anything except one man and one woman. The point is that they both (and generally all politicians) change positions depending upon the political climate. President Obama is not exempt from making political promises he has not kept. Besides, as a black Christian man, I am appalled at any President who supports abortion rights when 40% of the abortions are black women who make up only 13% of the population. President Obama followed a questionable form of Christianity in Black Liberation Theology, and Romney is a Mormon. Therefore I question both of them regarding a commitment to the Word of God. In addition, the President had 2 years of virtually unlimited political capital when he came into office. While people were losing jobs, he chose to use it all on a healthcare overhaul that the voters rejected in the 2010 midterm elections. Then he pursued a stimulus bill that failed to create the promised “shovel ready” jobs. This is not the sign of a good leader. The President has never been an executive at any level of government and his inexperience, no matter how sincere, has cost this country. If President Obama was doing such a fine job, then this election might not even be close, due to Romney’s shortcomings. The fact that people are even considering Romney says much about the current lack of leadership in the White House.

    1. Thanks for your questions. I have several responses:

      a. First, I am not electing a pastor. I’m voting on a President, who has to represent all people, not just a few nor just an ideology. His view of marriage does not create nor write legislation. The President has ZERO influence on what is constitutionally a states-rights issues. Gay marriage did not start under President Obama, it started under President G.W. Bush in 2003. The Courts are the only ones at this point who can stop legislation from going forward.

      b. To suggest that the President “followed a questionable form of Christianity in Black Liberation Theology” is bogus. He was a member of the United Church of Christ, a predominantly white denomination that includes such “radicals” as Walt Disney, William Holden, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Thornton Wilder, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, John Brown, Jon Corzine, Patricia Shroeder, and others. The fact that he was a member of that congregation in Chicago and “Black Liberation Theology” was not, to my knowledge, part of any curriculum preached or taught is GOP/RIGHT WING speak.

      c. In regards to the President’s choices I cannot answer that because he obviously felt that Healthcare, which is meaningful to millions of Americans, was his major agenda item. That’s his perogative as President.

      d. The voters did not rush out to vote on the 2010 ballot about healthcare – maybe I saw a different ballot. As you may recall, there was an insurgency called the Tea Party, attrition, and yes, poor Democratic candidates.

      e. To cherry pick a few items out of the hundreds of legislative initiatives and then say he’s not a good leader – there are millions, at least 47% of the nation that does not agree with that premise. In our democratic society, elections are close no matter about incumbency.

      Finally, I suggest to you that racism places a part in the hurry to embrace a “anybody but Obama strategy.” Your sacred GOP friends stood up ON DAY ONE and said that their goal was to make President Obama (which has NEVER been said before) a “one-term president” and proceeded to do everything they could to block, obstruct, and destroy the work and agenda of President Obama.

      When was the last time the GOP said “let’s pray for the President?”
      When was the last time the GOP tried to negotiate and instead, vote down on legislation, including jobs?
      When was the last time the GOP went a week without serious, horrible name calling about the President, “accidently on purpose” – from cartoons, to names, to backroom reports.

      Again, thank you for your letter. I firmly know who I am voting for and I respect your decision to vote for the candidate of your choice.

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