Barack Obama for President

by Robert Earl Houston

FRANKFORT, KY – I will be entering the voting booth just one block from my home on Tuesday morning to exercise a right I’ve possessed since May 17, 1978 – the right to vote. To me it is a sacred honor.

The premier election matter is the choice of a President of these United States who will lead us from January 2013-January 2017. I am voting for Barack Obama.

Since his entrance into national politics a few years ago, President Obama has yet to be the recipient of what our forefathers called “the loyal opposition.” Instead his Presidency has been haunted by those who sought his demise on day one. The GOP has yet to reach their hands across the aisles to work with the President who came into the office with a strong mandate only to see it circumvented by an angry and disenchanted Republican Party, which contains a sizeable portion of either those who are racist or racist in their actions, words and deeds.

Never in our nation’s history has the President been so disrespected. As an African-American male who has been in Christian Denominational life with the Southern Baptist Convention, in the workplace, and in corporate America – racism yet lives. However to hear our nation’s so-called leaders blatanly disrespect him, the Party of Lincoln resembles more of the Party of Bull Connor. Let’s call the roll, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Richard Land, Mark Levin, Billy Graham, and others, who are so desperate to get the President out of the White House, that they will support a member of what used to be an SBC and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association group that was labeled a cult less than a year ago, to the point of now they are hair-splitting for the appearance of some theological discourse on “theological cult” vs. “social cult.” It’s gobbledy-gook, malarky and another term that I will not use here that rhymes with “Mitt” in the same basket.

I don’t agree with President Obama carte blanche. But I didn’t agree with every President from 1978 until today. I had issues with Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and yes, President Obama. However, my differences, whether they are political or theological, does not make me myopic and those are on the GOP Far Right, like former Governor Mike Huckabee, needs to understand that I’m not going to vote against someone over one issue. This is not a one issue election, no matter how people try to spin it. I’m not that stupid to accept the premise that God is going to take into account my vote for eternity. If that’s the case, the Children of Israel all should be in hell right now for supporting a King form of governance when God had set up, which were Judges.

I believe that President Obama inherited a mess. Any reasonable person understands that when you move into the White House in January of 2008, and discover the nation is embroiled in two non-paid for wars, economic failure, and the verge of economic collapse of several industries – no one person can get this reversed overnight, especially with a hostile minority then majority House of Representatives who seek sound bites instead of solutions. However, he has been able to stem the bleeding from the recession, jobs are rising slowly – but that beats the alternative, and for the black community – he has been the paragon of virtue as a husband and a father.

I don’t argue that Mitt Romney has been a great father to his children as well. But there is a trust factor that I cannot get past in order to give Mr. Romney the keys to the White House. I don’t trust him when it comes to upholding the Voting Rights Act. I don’t trust him when it comes to keeping Medicare and Welfare viable. I don’t trust him when it comes to dropping nuclear bombs on the Middle East. I don’t trust him when it comes to promoting “American Exceptionalism” over sovereign nations. I don’t trust him over including any African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans in any meaningful cabinet positions. I don’t trust him to be a world statesman instead of a gaffe prone insulter of the highest order with our friends. I don’t trust him to tell the truth. I don’t trust him to really support Israel when his own religion teaches that the center of the spiritual universe is not Jerusalem but Salt Lake City. I don’t trust him to press for Federal monies when the next disaster takes place.  I don’t trust him to reach out to the poor and the needy, but instead of sustaining or enhancing what is commonly called “Obamacare” – I expect him to dismantle, destroy and not replace it, so that things go back to the “same-o, same-o” and throw millions off of the damning bus to health care in this nation. I don’t expect Mitt Romney to look favorably or at least with respect upon other religious, other preferences, other cultures, and other opinions in this great country.

The Far Right has not only labeled the President everything but a child of God, but they have chosen a path that leads to destruction. The blatantly racism comments about the President, the rape comments, the hatred of fellow citizens because of their lifestyles, the inference that every policy of the President is socialist, and the fact that the GOP is in the backpocket of millionaires and is no longer the Grand Old Party. It’s not grand when they hate blacks, hispanics, fear-mongering, lies, voter suppression, etc.

So, I’m supporting the re-election of President Obama. While this nation is going through a seismic re-alignment that my pentecostal friends would call a “shift” – it doesn’t make sense to change Commanders in Chief at this time. There is a cultural shift occurring in this nation and I believe that as this name experiences change numerically, culturally, educationally, and in so many other ways – I’d rather have a level head on the deck instead of a Chicken Little who cries, “the sky is falling” when it’s not falling.

I’m supporting the President.

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  1. Dr. William C. Calhoun, Sr | Reply

    Dr. Houston thank you for such a prophetic statement. You are right and my sentiments are the same. In fact, I have already voted here in Baltimore, Maryland. I wish you could see the lines wrapped around our polling places. Our church registered over 100 persons from the community. Our people will not let President Obama down. He, I believe is God’s servant for such a time as this. God bless you Robert.
    Rev. Dr. William C. Calhoun, Sr
    Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church
    Baltimore, Maryland

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