Congratulations to Pastor Victor L. Wilson

When I moved to California in 1991, one of my good friends became Rev. Victor L. Wilson. We were both young pastors in the California Missionary Baptist State Convention, which was then under the leadership of Dr. S.M. Lockridge and then Dr. W.T. Snead, Sr. He left California to assume a pulpit in Albuquerque, New Mexico and now God has assigned him to a congregation in Clinton, North Carolina. We had the privilege of preaching together in Albuquerque during their City Wide Revival earlier this week. Congratulations to Pastor Wilson, his wife, and the Lisbon Street Missionary Baptist Church:

Lisbon Street MBC calls new sheperd

Billy Todd/Sampson IndependentThe Rev. Victor Wilson will be officially installed as pastor of Lisbon Street Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, Dec. 2. Wilson expressed his excitement to being in Clinton and the opportunity to serve the church and the community.

It is a time of celebration and praise for Lisbon Street Missionary Baptist Church. On Sunday, Dec. 2, starting at 4 p.m., the Rev. Victor L. Wilson will be installed as the church’s new pastor. Wilson will have some large shoes to fill as he will standing behind the pulpit that was occupied by the Rev. Dr. H. L. Cogdell for 54 years prior to his retirement.

Wilson began his career in ministry in 1986 when he began preaching. The young pastor started serving churches as a pastor in 1989 and has served for over 25 years in various locations across the United States. His pastoral experience includes serving as pastor to churches in California, New Mexico, New York and North Carolina. He is an active member of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., having served as a prison ministry commissioner and teacher.

“I cannot say how excited and glad I am to be here at Lisbon Street Missionary Baptist Church as their pastor. I feel it a privilege to come serve here in this church and this community. Dr. Cogdell has left a great legacy here and I hope to build upon the foundation that Jesus and Dr. Cogdell have established in this church,” expressed Wilson.

Wilson has been married to Judge Carol Jones for five years. They share three children and one granddaughter. Wilson stated that he met the new first lady of Lisbon Street Missionary Baptist Church at the church when he was conducting a revival several years ago.

Lisbon Street’s new pastor was born to a military family in Wilmington, Del. He graduated high school in California. Wilson holds a degree in mortuary science and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity degree at Shaw Divinity School.

In 2009 and 2010 Wilson served as pastor in a church in New York. For the past two years he has been speaking at various churches in revival and as a candidate for ministry. He expressed that he was grateful to have ended up at Lisbon Street.

“I am excited to be here. This is spiritually appealing church and community related and oriented congregation. We currently have around 150 active members in the congregation and I have already learned many of them and have already grown to love them all,” asserted Wilson.

The new pastor shared that his ministry goal was first and foremost, one committed to God.

“My ministry goal is first and foremost committed to serving God with integrity to this church and this family. I am a hand-on-hand kind of pastor. I love people and I want to be here to serve them. I may not be a great preacher but I do feel I can and will be a great pastor,” stressed Wilson. “As a shepherd, I love the smell of sheep!” added the pastor.

Wilson lists his strengths for ministry as humbleness, realness, what you see is who you get, listening and hearing and availability to his congregation.

“My ultimate responsibility is to God and to serve the people of this congregation,” stated Wilson.

His goal for Lisbon Street is to see the church grow from within.

“I want Lisbon Street to grow from the inside out. I see a great vision of strength for this congregation that will come from deep within each person here. As each person examines themselves and begins to grow spiritually, we will then, as a church, start to grow without into the community and continue to expand God’s kingdom. When we develop as Christians we will be equipped so we can reach out and bring in others to join us,” remarked Wilson.

The pastor stated that Lisbon Street was already seen as a pillar of the community.

“We want to continue to grow that relationship we have with the community and the city of Clinton. This church already has many programs in place and there is no need to change them. What I want for us is to grow as individuals and prepare and equip ourselves to be better ministers to others. That is our mission from God and that is what we are called to do as his followers,” stressed Wilson.

The Rev. Leslie Morrisey of The Greater Six Runs Missionary Baptist Church will be the guest speaker for the installation service on Sunday, Dec. 2. Wilson invites any and all to come join the congregation for the celebration and noted, “Love to the family…love to the pastor.”

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