The Stupidity of Glenn Beck

PissObama1-640x426by Robert Earl Houston © 2012

. . .  or how to set race and religious relations back 400 years.

Glenn Beck, mouthpiece for the Tea Party and multi-millionaire, who lives protected in an 8,000 square foot, 7 bedroom/bath, mansion in Dallas, Texas, has crossed lines before. He has over and over again played the race card and unbelievably has said point blank that “President Obama is a racist.” He is stupid at best and vile scum at worst.

However, he has stepped greatly over the line again.

Glenn Beck, who is an avowed Mormon (I guess they don’t teach love thy neighbor in that church he attends or pray for those who are in authority over you or live peaceably with all men or any other pro-humanity scriptures) has offered to the word a jar of urine containing a bobble-head of President Barack Obama. What’s further insulting is that he claims that this is a “response” to the artwork of Michael D’Antuono’s picture of Barack Obama as a type of Christ – which I’m no fan of, personally – as if the President posed for that picture personally.

Here’s my take.

If Glenn Beck had an issue about it – go after Mr. D’Antuono. Put him in a jar. He’s the artist. That’s akin to not liking the Mona Lisa portrait and rather than to damn the artist, you slap the fool out of Ms. Lisa. Mr. Beck has not only insulted the sitting President of the United States, he has also defamed African-Americans and once again he proves that Mormons don’t give a damn about African-Americans, which we knew, and why 99% could not even consider voting for Mr. Romney (another Mormon) in the first place.

Mormons have an entrenched history in considering African-Americans as “second class” and until recently, they held a public view (I doubt seriously that it’s been white-washed from all of their adherents) that we don’t even possess souls. We are souless creatures to them – kinda of like cats or dogs or furniture.

This is why most theologians don’t consider Mormonism as a branch or associated with Christianity. Their religious views that Joseph Smith is their savior instead of Jesus, their polygamy matches their polytheism (and many of them have several wives) and their racism (and yes, this is racist what he did) means that Mormonism is producing leaders like Glenn Beck as the poster child for their hateful religion.

Go after the President after his policies. That’s American. But to sink this low. That’s Mormon at the very least and racist at most.

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