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Responses from “Dear Angry Pastor”

houston2007-001by Robert Earl Houston

I received quite a response on the blog, “Dear Angry Pastor.” It is easily the most read, tweeted, and shared on Facebook since I went to this WordPress format. I wanted to share what ministers and pastors have shared thus far. Also, I’ll be adding more responses as they come in.

  • Great information and perspective!!! Thanks¬†Robert Earl Houston!!!
  • Good stuff, good stuff and full of wisdom!!
  • Thanks pastor! Practical principles for progress…stay blessed and please keep writing
  • I needed that!

  • That was rich!
  • “Sage” advice!
  • To God be the Glory!!!
  • That’s wise counsel!
  • Well written… Quite thorough and thoughtful… When we consider the fact that anger is a secondary emotion it is imperative to find the root cause of the anger. Bless you my brother… I appreciate you & your ministry.
  • This acticle stands at the top of your list of great pastoral advice every pastor should read this acticle. Thanks
  • Thanks Pastor!
  • Thanks for sharing that insightful commentary. It is quite helpful and I’m going to do my best to get a life!



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