Petition Begins to Axe “The Sisterhoood”

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“The Sisterhood,” a new series documenting the lives of pastors and their wives, is now the subject of a petition. According to the petition, promoted online Wednesday, Jan.2, the program is not only“disgraceful,” it also fails to show the “reality of being a preacher’s or pastor’s wife.”

“The Sisterhood is being portrayed as a Christian reality show, featuring Preacher’s/Pastor’s wives from Atlanta. The previews and highlights of the upcoming show is pure garbage and does not portray the reality of being a Christian or the reality of being a Preacher’s or Pastor’s wife. The airing of this show is not only offensive to the Body of Christ, but it is also degrading to Women of Color (specifically),” petition organizer Ann Cooke wrote Wednesday. “This show mocks everything that we, as believers, stand for. It is disgusting, disgraceful, inappropriate and an inaccurate display of what we strive to accomplish as Christians.”

As previously reported, “The Sisterhood” premiered Tuesday, Jan. 1 and encores of the series premiere aired Wednesday night. Since then, there have been mixed reviews, with some, including leaders and recording artists, like Marvin Sapp, speaking out. Calling for prayer, Sapp talked about responsibility and being discrete after watching the show.

“Am I saying these women do not act responsibly? No. What I am saying is that until we get delivered from some things, we need to learn how to be discrete,” said Sapp.

According to this growing petition, “The Sisterhood” adds “more fuel” to stereotypes.

“The airing of this show only adds more fuel to the ever-present distasteful stereotype that we, as Christians, fight daily to erase. We must stand together and put an end to TLC’s clear derogatory distortion of the Body of Christ and Women of God (specifically, Preacher’s and Pastor’s wives)! Please spread the word,” writes petition organizer Ann Cooke.

“The Sisterhood” is due to continue airing Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on TLC. Will you be watching?

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