The Bahamas

This week I am attending the Winter Board Meeting of the Progressive National Baptist Convention in Nassau, Bahamas. This is the second time I’ve been to Nassau and the first time I’ve flown here.

I want to share a few impressions of Nassau for those who are thinking of visiting here in the future:

1. The People are Friendly

Tourism is THE industry of the Bahamas. The people are well aware of it and I’ve yet to meet honestly a rude Bahamian. Everyone is pleasant and they go out of their way to be friendly or at least extend themselves towards you. Obviously walking around with camera in hand, wearing UK hat and looking kinda pale (I’ll be nice) is a dead giveaway that I’m not from here – especially with a lack of accent. But I’ve never visited a place so friendly in my life.

2. This Place is Expensive

Child, if you plan to come here – make sure you have some money in your pocket. Two sandwiches, chips and two fruit drinks (non-alcoholic) will run you $25 plus easy. Cell phone? Forget about it. The International Roaming Charges are unbelievable. Renting a car? $80 plus a day plus insurance and gas is about $6 dollars a gallon (didn’t do that). Cabs are reasonable (about $8 one way) and so are taxis (less than $2 one way) but be prepared to have some patience.

3. The Population is Churchy

Contrary to popular opinion the largest religious groups here are Anglicans, Baptists and this new-fast growing group called Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship which is growing like wildfire here. They have the Anglicans from their British commonwealth roots and the worship is steeped in that style. Of the folk I met, most of them were churched or were very aware of the church population here.

4. The Phones are Ridiculous

Note to self: NEVER come back here without first getting a local-cell phone or setting up international roaming package with AT&T. The rates will kill you. I spent easily a one month bill in a matter of hours (thank you AT&T for having mercy on me) but lesson learned. I’m surprised that our hotel, The Hyatt Crystal Springs has horrid internet service and connection. It’s very unfortunate. For that fact alone, I would probably come to Atlantis or Sheraton or the new hotel under construction.

So that’s just my perspective on Paradise called the Bahamas. I enjoyed myself and my wife enjoyed it as well. We walked the beach this morning, went downtown, had lunch, came back, went to the session, and getting ready to call it a night, watch some TV, do some writing and reflecting.

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  1. Please come to Bermuda next time, we are even friendlier!!! We would love to have you!! And we love your blog!!!

    1. That is on my travel list – would love to visit Jamaica “and feel all right” (from the commercial).

  2. M Frances Manning - Fontaine | Reply

    Hey Houston…

    Regards to you and the Mrs. Mazeltov as you spend a blessed week in one of the most beautiful sections of the world. THE BAHAMAS…. At the foot of the bridge going across to Paradise Island grab a cup of Conch salad if you can do raw seafood and like crunchy spicey. You’ll be glad you did…and yes they are it! You can break into a shout on the beach down there in Myles Monroe country and not get even so much as a blink of the eye. Expensive because they import everything practically..and rebuilding after tropical storms etc is never easy… Do not , I repeat do not, take a trip to any of the out islands…we might have to send the troops out to find you and THE WIRE…

    Smiles all ’round.. , M. Frances Manning Fontaine (aka Fran Manning ) New Hope Baptist Church of Hackensack, NJ

    1. Pastor Manning . . .

      It’s great hearing from you! I pray all is well in the Garden State! We did the Conch fritters instead of the salad (but the locals warned us about making sure that the salad was prepared in front of us). We didn’t have an opportunity to do church outside of the PNBC convention – but we will next time we’re here. Please keep in touch!

      Pastor Robert Earl Houston
      First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY

  3. Thank you for sharing and thank God you are there…representing. Deeply appreciate it.

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