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10 of the Best Preachers I’ve Ever Heard (Part 1)

by Robert Earl Houston

I want to lift up the names of preachers who have made an impact in my life. This is part one of a series. These are not in any particular order . . .

DR. E.V. HILL, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Dr. Hill was one of my favorite pictures. He was one of the first black preachers on national television and his sermons were profound yet simple; elegant but practical. He preached for our state convention, the General Baptist Convention of the Northwest, for several years:

DR. DONALD LEE PARSON, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – The first time I heard Dr. Parson, he was the guest evangelist for my home church in Portland, Oregon and from that first night, I was hooked. What a tremendous preacher and even now, some 35 years later, Dr. Parson remains not only a mentor, but a friend.

DR. ROBERT H. WILSON, SR., DALLAS, TEXAS – If you grew up in the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., you had to know and meet Dr. Bob – Dr. Robt. H. Wilson, Sr., who brought the Foreign Mission Board into the millions of dollars of donations and was one of the premier preachers. Impeccably dressed, he was the style standard for many young pastors and preachers.

DR. E. EDWARD JONES, II, SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA – I was a child when I first heard “The Tall Angel” Dr. Jones. I still remember his sermon “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and to hear him and know him was a privilege. He remembers everyone by name (still don’t know how he does it) and don’t let him snap those suspenders while preaching…

BISHOP T.D. JAKES, DALLAS, TEXAS – Bishop Jakes has changed black preaching forever.  What E.K. Bailey did for expository preaching, Bishop Jakes has done for a new style of preaching that mixes expository, extemporaneous and exegetical into a perfect blend of style and soul.

DR. A. LOUIS PATTERSON, HOUSTON, TEXAS – I am a sold-out A. Louis Patterson fan. Whenever he’s in the area, I make it my business to hear the Prince of Preachers. I remember the first time I heard him, I was mesmerized by his theology and vocabulary skills. I met him personally when I served as his Facilitator during the Bishop College L.K. Williams Ministers Institute in his class on preaching. I’ve never been the same.

DR. R.A. WILLIAMS, JR., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – What I am as an expository preacher is the “fault” of this preacher. Dr. Williams, who I knew as a teenager, took preaching to a new level, mixed it with whooping (and he was the first to be non-apologetic for the craft) and blew my mind. For many years in Portland, at the St. Mark Baptist Church, he was the preacher we wanted to hear in Revival. 

DR. E.K. BAILEY, DALLAS, TEXAS – Dr. Bailey and I met in Portland, Oregon when he did revivals at the Morning Star Baptist Church and I went to the early years of his conference in Dallas (I plan to return soon). He embraced me as a young pastor and every time we ran into each other, he always wanted to know how was I doing. I was with him at the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America shortly before his passing and a picture of him and I is one of my most precious photographs. He is responsible for black expository preaching being the standard.

DR. MELVIN VON WADE, SR., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Another one of the preachers that Dr. E.C. Wilder brought to Portland, Oregon. Manuscript Preachers love Melvin Wade because he has taught us that you can be expository, lyrical and poetic at the same time and still preach from a manuscript. 


DR. GARDNER CALVIN TAYLOR, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – In my mind, no list is complete without the Dean of Preachers. I’ve met Dr. Taylor on several occasions and he is one of the greatest black preachers to have ever walked in the land. From his humble Louisiana roots – he never personified New York preaching, he created it; he set the standard for preaching and humility as a way to climb high. I’m glad that he saw his dream in Nashville – all four of the major National Baptist conventions come together not once, but once again in Atlanta.

COMING SOON: “See You In The Morning” by Robert Earl Houston

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FRANKFORT, KY – The finishing touches are being added to a new book authored by Pastor Robert Earl Houston which will be released in April 2013.  The book, “See You In The Morning: Messages of Comfort and Hope for the Bereaved,” is a great collection of messages authored by Pastor Houston.

In this book, published under the imprint of hD Christian Publishers, this 100 page read will strengthen your confidence in the Lord’s word and promises, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you not only heal from the passages of time, but encourage you to look to a future with the Lord in eternity.

Please go to http://www.roberthouston.org for updates on the book and we are proud to announce that the book will be carried via Amazon.com and will be on Kindle and iBooks through Apple. A special will be ran on http://www.roberthouston.org for autographed copies.

The foreward writer is Pastor Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr., pastor of the United Believers Community Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

Pastor Houston is the 17th senior pastor of the First Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY and serves in various denominational venues as President, Kentucky State Convention of the Progressive National Baptist Convention; Chairman of the Publishing Board, General Association of Baptists in Kentucky; Board Member and Webmaster, Progressive National Baptist Convention; and has served congregations in Portland, Oregon, Fresno, California, San Diego, California and Nashville, Tennessee.  He is a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America and the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.  He is the husband of Jessica G. Houston and they reside in Frankfort, the state capitol.


by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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