Homegoing of a Saint: Dr. Arthur T. Jones, Tampa, Florida

Dr. Arthur T. Jones is the founder and Senior Pastor of Bible-Based Fellowship Church, Inc. He is also co-founder and Executive Director of the Florida Mass Choir, Inc.  He is an ordained minister, singer, songwriter, Bible student, record and video producer.  His Christian affiliations are numerous having served in ministry and music capacities in Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia

Dr. Jones is a retired marketing executive of the IBM Corporation.  Over half of Dr. Jones’ work experience has been spent in management positions.  During his tenure at IBM, he held several technical and marketing management positions.  His extensive experience uniquely equips him to speak to the multi-faceted dynamics of management and ministry.  He now devotes his energies to full-time ministry, writing and community-involved initiatives. His other professional and community affiliations and distinctions include:


  • A.T. Jones Ministry
    The Caribbean Graduate School of Theology,
    Kingston, Jamaica
  • AT Jones Ministries, Inc.
  • The Heritage Music Foundation, Inc., Los Angeles, California

Dr. Jones has a most extensive gospel music catalog, recording and producing 14 LP’s, CD’s and Video/DVD’s with the world famous Florida Mass Choir.  In March of 2002 Dr. Jones released his first solo CD entitled “Speak For Me.”   For the crafting of Speak For Me, in addition to writing and co-writing on the project, he collaborated with two Grammy Award-winning veteran producer/songwriters, Rev. Oliver W. Wells and V. Michael McKay.  Speak for Me has the fervency of yesterday balanced with the freshness of today.  Every lyric is derived from the Word of God, and every word is vocalized as if standing in the very Presence of God.

Dr. Jones’ significant travels include Israel, Egypt, Switzerland, Greece, China and five (5) preaching and teaching missions to Africa.  He has visited visiting Senegal, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, The Central African Republic, Niger, Kenya, and Burkina Faso  (formerly The Upper Volta).  His initiatives on the continent of Africa has to date yielded five churches (all named after their mother church, Bible-Based Fellowship), one middle school, The Bethesda Academy, one high school and one Technical School.

He travels extensively throughout the United States, Africa and Europe preaching, and teaching and is a highly sought after lecturer on the college and university circuit.  Dr. Jones is a Molefi Asante/Jeremiah Wright/Cornel West scholar of United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.

Dr Jones and his wife, Doris, reside in Tampa, Florida.  He has two daughters Shonda and Natalie and two sons, Arthur T. II, and Darren.


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