by Robert Earl Houston

I worked for the Internal Revenue Service in Portland, Oregon many, many years ago. I worked in the Audit Division which allowed me to assist the Agents in building their cases for primarily conference with the taxpayer and sometimes against the taxpayer.

Every tax season the audit bureau would receive directions for this year’s audits based upon received taxes that were selected in what we called TCMP – the taxpayer compliance measurement program. For example, one year it could be clergy returns; another year it could be auto mechanics; another year it could be taxpayers with a high amount of charitable contributions.

Having said that, I think IRS has done itself and our President, Barack Obama, a disservice in targeted 501(3)(4) corporations with the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in this title.

An already sizable, anti-government, anti-Obama constituency in this nation is already looking for something, anything to harangue the President about. To his credit, we haven’t had to endure the scandalous hearings of the past administrations going as far back as Kennedy (Vietnam), LBJ (Vietnam), Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Iran Contra), Bush 1,  Clinton (Impeachment), and Bush 2 (Iraq).

Any of us who are black understand that when holding jobs that have never been held by “us” before, we are encumbered to be better, work better, strive better, negotiate better, and conduct ourselves better because of the eventual extra level of scrutiny.

Do I think President Obama initiated this? Of course not. Why would President Obama go after the Tea Party via the IRS? He’s already defeated them in the arenas of ideas. If all they have left is Sarah Palin as a spokesperson who has been banished to Facebook, he’s won. They have been supplanted by the NRA which was formerly known as the National Rifle Association and now could be labeled the National Republican Association, they are weaning in their influence. Their main lighting rod, President Obama, will step off the stage in 2017 and that will signal the end of crazies like James David Manning, Orly Taitz, Pamela Barnett and others of the un-loyal opposition, who have suggested terroristic responses to the President or arrest or him being transported to Guantanamo Bay.

However, whoever gave the direction to IRS for this year’s TCMP program to go after the Tea Party is not worthy to continue in government leadership and should be brought forward. They did not have the President’s best interests at heart, and wouldn’t serve his best interests by continuing in office.

3 responses

  1. James C Perkins | Reply

    Good statement. However, I’m not clear what you mean by the last two sentences.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for catching that – it was a typo. I’m suggesting that whoever approved this project should be removed.

  2. William Lazare | Reply

    Dr. Houston Please post the passing of civil right icon and a preachers pastor; Dr. N.Q.Reynolds ( retired)Pastored over 60 years, civil rights advocate- intergrated Anniston Library ( stabbed, shot at and beaten in the process) Pastored 17th Street Missionay baptist Church 48 years ( Anniston, Alabama)SCLC President ( reited) Alabama Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 17:22:24 +0000 To:

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