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Sunday Re-Cap: May 19, 2013



by Robert Earl Houston

Today was an awesome day in the Lord. Today me and the people of First Baptist Church, especially the Men of Praise Choir travelled from Frankfort, Kentucky some 90 miles to fellowship with Pastor Emmanuel Young and the people of Pleasant Hill Misisonary Baptist Church of Greensburg, KY for his Fourth Pastoral Anniversary Celebration.

I have known Pastor Young for years through the internet and when I was called to First Baptist, he was one of the first ministers to give me a call to welcome me to Kentucky. We were both called to our respective churches around the same time and we’ve worked together in several venues, notably he is a board member of the Publishing Board of the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, where I serve as Chairman.

This was not the first time I’ve been in Greensburg as I was privileged to be a part of his Installation Services in 2009 and he has preached for me here in Frankfort at First Baptist Church.

IMG_6371It was an awesome, sweet day. The Men of Praise let the Lord use them and I’m godly proud of them! I preached in the 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. services and the men rendered music in both services as well. I’m not only their pastor, but I’m the Music Director for the Choir and they sang! “I’ve Got Heaven On My Mind,” “Redeemed,” “Have Your Way, Lord,” “The Prayer Song,” “Steal Away,” “It’s Good to Know Jesus,” and “You Blessed Me Lord.”

Pastor Young, his wife Michelle, and the “Young-uns” (his daughters) were so gracious and the church was very hospitable and y’all listen . . . they can cook! It was off the chain and God be praised for this day.

IMG_6372During the morning worship I preached “I’m Going to Dance Anyhow” from 2nd Samuel when King David danced out of his clothes and faced a stinging rebuke from Michal, his wife. I suggested that sometimes we can be overburdened with titles that we forget our primary purpose as worshippers. ┬áIn the Afternoon I preached, “Called to Do Impossible Things” and noted that Noah was called to build an ark when there is no mention of his credentials or gifts or abilities in building – but he had availability with the Lord.

It was a great day and I’m still a little sore in the foot, but God is good! Thank you Men of Praise, First Lady, and the FBC Family that attended. Thank you Minister C.J. Calhoun and Rev. Anna Jones, for preaching at FBC in my absence! I was glad to see one of our Vice Moderators of the General Association, Dr. Michael Rice, who came in at the latter part of the service!


by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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