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An Infirmity

IMG_6427by Robert Earl Houston
May 21, 2013

Dear Friends:

I ask you for your prayers.  Recently, I was made aware by my physicians of a concern regarding a mole upon the sole of my right foot. I have since undergone two surgical procedures  – a biopsy and removal of that mole, which has since been diagnosed as an infirmity – a melanoma or a cancerous growth.

Jessica and I are encouraged by the prognosis at present. These types of growths have a very high rate of cure with early treatment. At this juncture, I am waiting scheduling with a surgeon, who will perform surgery and pathological studies upon the region, which will require a period of convalescence.

As believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we cling to our faith in Him and we are further encouraged by the words of Scripture, “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 30:17).

I pray that one thing that will result of this is that men, African-American men, will heed to the advice of family, friends and physicians and seek medical attention – even if you don’t think it’s a “serious matter.” I encourage wives, significant others, church members to encourage your pastors, husbands, significant others – to become proactive in regards to their health.  Had I ignored the concerns of my medical team and my wife, I may have been in a much more serious predicament.

I continue forward in the work of the Lord. I’ve heard it over and over and over again from my pastor, Minister Barton Elliott Harris, The reason why we are alive is that God has more work for us to do. I believe that I have much, much, much more work to do for HIM.

I will be blogging about this on my website, http://www.roberthouston.org as this process goes on and I pray that as we travel on this journey that God will get the glory for the outcome! I appreciate the support of the leadership of First Baptist Church and even though I may have to sit down and preach – the gospel is just as potent being proclaimed from a chair as it is standing up.

I ask for you prayers for me, my beloved wife, Jessica; my family and my extended family at the First Baptist Church, who I know are praying for and I thank them in advance for embracing and encouraging me and my family. I shared this information with my congregation at Bible Study this evening and I left encouraged by their encouragement and prayers.

I love you and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!

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by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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