Three Weeks and Counting . . .

by Robert Earl Houston

Photo on 6-23-13 at 11.31 AM #2My, how time flies . . .

Today my wife, Jessica, and I went to see my surgeon for my three week check up. We received some fairly good news and I want to share them with you:

a.  First the doctor snipped a few of the dissolving stitches which hadn’t fully dissolved. That’s really not that uncommon and it went without any major drama.

b.  My doctor is very pleased with the healing of the wound and made the observation that if it were not for my diabetic condition, I’d be a little further down the road. My task it to make sure I drink a lot of water and keep my blood sugar within reasonable numbers.

c.  The wound on my foot is due to the removal of flesh down to the fat cells and the replacement of that area from skin and tissue from my hip (transplant). The doctor is pleased and believes that at least 80% of the transplant took, and she performed some debridement to encourage the healing of the area. She explained that the wound had produced protein to protect the portion that was not healing like the other portion. The debridement and the move to a wet/dry dressing – which means that gauze saturated with a saline solution, which will remove and keep the protein from that area, is laid in the wound, covered with a dry wrap, and then covered with an elastic wrap (the same type that’s used on horses coincidentally).

d.  The prognosis is VERY GOOD. First, I won’t require a follow-up surgery because of the rejection of the transplant. That is VERY GOOD NEWS because otherwise it would have meant a more serious surgery – which would have meant taking the transplanted tissue out (which has already meshed with my skin in the area area, making a larger area of transplant, and then transplanting even more skin, probably from my left side this time, and then undergoing a few more weeks without being able to walk. Thank God for the prognosis.

So there it is. I have the doctor’s clearance to go back to the pulpit on July 7, 2013 and I can’t wait!!!  I’m restricted in moving around for a few weeks more and I’ll find out in a few days when I can fly again.


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  1. Bill G. Caldwell II | Reply

    Don’t be afraid to sit down when you get back. My cousin had to sit down for several months after double hip replacement. Your church will just be glad to have you back as I am sure you will be glad to be back. Looking forward to hearing the great news and thanks for your transparency!

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