Where Are The Black Pastoral Bloggers?

by Robert Earl Houston

Where art thou? . . . (Genesis )

I’ve been “blogging” off and on for several years. Recently, I discovered a way to combine several of my enterprises, namely “Homegoing of the Saints” which puts a spotlight on those African-American pastors who go home to be with the Lord; the “Vacant Church List” which was the first listing for African-American Baptist pulpits online (and I’ve done it without charge or entry fee for years); and then I’ve put out several notices, etc. and developed a fairly strong following. Since being on WordPress since late last year, I’m approaching 250,000 visits. God be praised.

In recent years other pastors have been regularly blogging – H.B. Charles, Jr. has an excellent blog and leans heavily on preaching themes. Dwight McKissic has an excellent blog as well and he “gets after” Southern Baptist Convention issues and is one of the leading SBC bloggers.  Kip Banks, General Secretary of the Progressive National Baptist Convention recently started a blog and there are other brothers out there blogging – but to my knowledge, that number is less than 25. Shaun King’s Shaun in the City is one of those mind-stretching blogs and he is very transparent in his church planting saga.

Where are the Black Pastoral Bloggers?

The purpose of this blog today is to encourage African-American Pastors to blog. Blogging is to participate in a form of social media that is more probative than a 140 word tweet or a quick flash on Facebook. It’s not expensive – there are free sites available and many internet providers are available so you can personalize the site even more with your own name (which I recommend).

The diaspora of African-American pastors should be reflected in the blogosphere. Pastors who are in the rural parts of the nation, I believe, are just as significant in their struggles, triumphs, etc. as those who pastor mega-churches. Those pastors who came before us carried to the grave pieces of wit, wisdom and experience that I know would have been a blessing to this generation. You can participate.

I would love to post and re-post articles that I’ve discovered from those of African-American hue. I think that our experiences are just as real and profound as MacArthur, Stanley, Piper, Stetzer and others. Matter of fact, I ran a search for “best pastor blogs” and maybe 1 or 2 blogs of people of color were even mentioned.

It’s because we have a story to tell that we’re not telling. We have great minds, great talents, great experiences that should and need to be heard.

I’m not a mega pastor. My congregation (on roll) is around 700 members or so. We don’t have one church in multiple locations. We have our issues like everyone else. But blogging for the pastor gives you a discipline in word construction, sentence structure, and analytical thinking that enhances your pulpit presentation. Trust me on that.

Just a word of warning – blog but don’t vent. Never take to the national stage your local church issues. If “Sister Sally” is kicking your tail in business meeting, don’t make her a national issue. If “Brother John” just cussed you out last week, don’t make him a national celebrity. In other words, be careful what you blog about – if it’s murky to you – it may leave room for a church member to misinterpret what you were trying to say.

I will make this promise to you – if you have a blog or know of a blog that will be helpful – I will make a link to it from my site – and if you have one, I hope you will do the same.

One final word – this is not to demean other races – that’s not my purpose. My purpose in this fast-changing African-American led church, is to encourage pastors (not laypersons, not associates) but pastors to share their views.


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  1. Brother pastor thank you for a thought provoking post. Please feel free to check out my blog at http://www.lancemann.org.

  2. Brother Pastor thank you for a thought provoking post. Please feel free to check out my blog at http://www.lancemann.org

  3. Dr Wayne P. Snodgrass | Reply

    Pastor Houston,
    Blessings on you. I need clarity on what you are willing to allow us to blog? My wife died in October, and I published a book about her journey with Uterine Cancer. The 2nd book will be out in a week. It has seemed to be encouragement to some. I plan to have some at the Convention next week.
    Wayne Snodgrass former president of Congress

    1. Thank for the note – no sir, I was making suggestions. I have no power (nor control) to tell anyone what to blog about – my point that there are only a handful of black pastors that blog and our voices are missing from the general conversation.

  4. Oversimplisic, but the average church is less than 200 on roll. So some are praying for a larger church or are bivocational. I do appreciate your words and would like to see the links to 1) inexpensive/free blog websites 2) A How To on blogging.

  5. Charles Dixon, Jr | Reply

    I think we have to keep in mind that that majority of Black congregations and pastors, are victims of the digital divide. Most churches/pastors aren’t “wired”((pun some what unintended)) 😉

    I haven’t done the research, but I would imagine that if we could formulate “pastor profile” it would be someone who is bi-vocational, at a church of 250 disciples or less, and with at best a bachelors degree. That’s not meant to be disparaging, but simply to say blogging, and we can extend that out to social media and internet branding/marketing, are not a major focus for most churches and pastors.

  6. Pastor Houston, you inspire me. I will do some blogging in 2014 in conjunction with my business. I have purchased a domain and plan on offering a free service for churches showing them how to use wordpress for a church website. I haven’t really considered doing something other than our church site. Looks like I need to get out the old drawing board.

  7. Pastor, I thank God for your blog and how it serves the Black Baptist Church at large. From your blog, I have sought out to create a similar prototype for the Apostolic Church at large. You have given us a model and something to build off of. I have found blogging to be very relaxing and an excellent skill builder. Thanks Again!


  8. Thank you for this article Pastor Houston! I appreciate your efforts in encouraging us to cross over the digital divide. It is because of you that I recently started blogging. Check out: A Word In Season at haroldmillerjr.com

  9. Pastor Houston I have been blogging for years as well. I have been coming to your website for years as well. For me it has been therapeutic and a opportunity to wrestle through my different theological journeys. But also in retrospect it has given me a place to existentially vent.

    I too, believe that many of our black pastors have such great things to say that many need to hear.

    You guys are welcome to come over to blog and let’s talk-

  10. A blog I would highly recommend is “Pure Church” by Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman, in the Grand Cayman Islands: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/thabitianyabwile/

  11. Thanks for this post. I currently serve as an Assoc. Pastor of Christian Education and have been blogging since last year at christianedblog.com. Thanks for the support.

  12. Dr. Houston,

    You have always been ahead of your time. Even when we were classmates back at WHW.

    Please keep up the great work!

  13. Hey Pastor Houston. I would like to be added to the blogroll. Thanks for the publicity and encouragement to get my ideas to the public. Be Blessed!


    1. Thanks. I’ll take a look and consider adding.

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