Homegoing of a Saint: Rev. Tim Kirby, Detroit, Michigan

A father and pastor known for his community activism was shot and k!lled because he asked neighbors to keep the noise down, pastor killed over musicaccording to local affiliateWDIV in Detroit.

Tim Kirby, 46,  was a father of four and a local pastor known for his work in the community, but on Monday night he was shot and k!lled, all because he asked neighbors who were having a party to lower the noise.

“It was devastating. I cried for a minute, and then it was like I couldn’t cry no more,” said his daughter, Tatiana Kirby. “He was a good father. He was always a caring person. Every Sunday we were always in church. He always made sure we had clothes, good clothes on our backs, food on the table.”

“I was laying on the couch and I heard gunshots around 11:30,” said a neighbor.

Witnesses say some of the neighbors were having a party outside with loud music and screaming when Kirby came outside and asked them to keep it down. That’s when some men at the party became angry at Kirby and one man opened fire on him.

One neighbor told WDIV that it never crossed her mind that the person who had been shot was Tim Kirby.

The Detroit minister was reportedly well known for his community work and sermons. He was looking to build a bigger congregation.

“I hope my daddy gets justice because he didn’t deserve this,” said Tatiana.


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  1. Rev. Dr. Tony Onyeulor | Reply

    “All things works together for good to them that love God” sometime good things seems to look like evil but God is still in control because God is at work to make it good. I thank God for everything bcos only God knows why?. May the soul of the servant of God rest in perfect peace.

  2. Elder T. Kirby was an awesome Man of God, who became the victim of a lawless, cold, perditious society, whose respect for life is nil. May his soul rest in the eternal rest of God almighty! I pray that his four children will be able to pick up the pieces and proceed on with their lives and that every need will be met. Family, I pray that God will I’ve you a “garment of praise” for the spirit of your heaviness and the “oil of joy” for your mourning.

    Bishop Jimmy S. Simms

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