Real Preachers of L.A. (Post Game Show)

by Robert Earl Houston

It’s not fair of anyone to be judged on a one day incident for the rest of their mortal lives. With that thought in mind, it’s only fair of me to revisit my original opinion about the Real Preachers of L.A. and offer this post game analysis now that the show has concluded season 1. I have no doubt that there will be a season 2 of some sort.

After the season is now completed, I want to say that nothing earth shattering has occurred. The moon has not turned into blood. The sky did not fall. Droves of people did not leave the church nor did droves of people join the church after watching these pastors and spouses. Many people, including myself, believed that it would have had an impact, but after that first “hook” episode, it settled down quickly and moreso focused on the relationships that the preachers had with their wives or significant others.

I have to say that I was on Team Jay Hayzlip, Team Clarence McClendon, and Team Ron Gibson throughout the series. I really believed that they wanted to present the gospel and ministry in a positive light. I was ambivalent about Team Chaney – and they are a team, for sure. However, I was saddened by the story of Noel Jones. To me, he looked very tired toward the end of the series and I hope that he really finds some personal relationship happiness. I’m rooting for him.

I was not a fan of Team Haddon and I was confused throughout but not surprised by some of the anti-establishment rants by this young preacher that unfortunately is echoed by  some young preachers/pastors that I see today, who does not respect authority. I have never worn the tag “Angry Preacher” as an associate or pastor, and I just believe that many of the episodes that featured him could be used in a teaching setting with young associates.

So, bottom line – I call this a draw. It wasn’t earth-shattering and it wasn’t that boring. It looks like the producers have the making of a spin-off – Team Haddon would make a series unto themselves.  I think the world and the church could tolerate another season – but if you really want to see the strength (or lack thereof) of this show – put it on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. and it will go off the air immediately.

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