Bicycling in the Snow

by Robert Earl Houston

I couldn’t believe it.

As I was riding up highway 60, better known as Shelbyville Road or Frankfort Road or Louisville Road, I noticed something that caught my attention. This morning it was about 10 degrees outside and by noon the temperature was hovering around 32.

And then I saw it.

A lone bicyclist, riding his bicycle on the road. There was snow on the roadway (not as much as depicted in the phone). Cars were flying back, some with remnants of snow and ice still atop them. And this lone bicyclist, who was covered from head to toe, even with a facial mask was making his way to his destination.

It made me think.

Sometimes we make celebrities in the church. When they have large congregations or massive structures or even make a recording album or nowadays, even show up on television shows. They have become “the stars” of the church.

But then I remembered.

Seeing this one guy. On a bicycle. In ice-cold conditions. Unseen. No paid publicity on his back. Not even a newer model bicycle. He was peddling his way uphill, the best way he knew how, in the midst of traffic containing high-octane vehicles – luxury editions, newer models, gas-guzzlers. And yet, that didn’t stop him from try to do the best he could – on a bicycle, in the cold, on his way to his destination.

It encouraged me and I hope it will encourage you.

No matter your obstacle – don’t stop on your way to your destination. Keep pushing, keep pedaling. Didn’t get called to be on program? Keep pedaling!  Didn’t get asked to give the keynote? Keep pedaling! Misunderstood? Keep pedaling!  Haters? Keep pedaling!  You’re preaching your best and feel like you’re unappreciated? Keep pedaling!

Stay on your bicycle. In the cold. Until you get to your destination.


3 responses

  1. This encouragement is absolutely necessary for the Pastor/Preacher/Prophet of this culture who is fighting an uphill battle, through the opposing elements all around, while seemingly everyone else is operating in another dimension entirely. If we can just KEEP PEDALING….God Bless you, Pastor Houston

  2. Rewv. Larry Thomas | Reply

    Dear Pastor,
    I am writing a book on “You think your church is perfect ah? May I use your comment on the Bicycling in the snow?

  3. Greetings Dr. Houston, I sent you and Email requesting an address to send you a copy of one of my books, but you may delay that because I pulledup your church’s address and sent the book to the church. Thank You. Rev. Larry Thomas

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