An Open Letter to Satan

by Robert Earl Houston

IMG_8271February 22, 2014

Dear Satan (aka Lucifer, Fallen Angel, Prince of this World),

You tried again and you failed.

This morning I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which should taken me out of this life. I was in a rented Chevrolet Impala and was rear ended by a 2004 Nissan Xterra. The vehicle (that I believe you used) came at me, I believe, in another one of your lame attempts to end my life, more importantly, my ministry . . . and one again you lost.

I am part of an army of pastors, preachers, bishops, apostles, ministers, believers, and servants that the Lord has used to preach or teach or lead or assist or attend that has been on your hit list ever since the debacle in the Garden of Eden. Like many of those who you have attacked, you are admittedly crafty and subtile, however my life is not in your hands – it’s in the Hands of the Lord.

You have come at me through objects, tools, people, tests, trials, trouble, pain, illness, cancer, family, friends, associates, those who’ve I ministered to and assisted with words or finance, ecclesiastical leaders, innuendo, and sometimes by even the closest people to me (including others who are listed in the army above) . . .

. . . but I’m still here.

I guess you thought I would have folded up the tent by now.
I guess you thought I would have quit and threw up my hands.
I guess you thought I would have renounced my ministry by now.
I guess you thought I would have said there is no God by now.
I guess you thought I would sugar-coat my sermons and just serve for the money by now.
I guess you thought I would have fallen prey to ideas that would have harmed myself.
I guess you thought I would have runaway from the ministry and never served God again.

But you were wrong. What you don’t realize Satan is this: My calling is more important than my classification. My calling has taken me from Bro. Houston to Minister Houston to Reverend Houston to Pastor Houston to General Secretary Houston to Board Member Houston to Senior Project Manager Houston to Congress Dean Houston to Board Chairman Houston to Vice Moderator Houston to Assistant Pastor Houston to Evangelist Houston to Lecturer Houston to a plethora of other titles and service areas. I didn’t get the titles because of who I am. I received the titles because of who I belong to.

God has blessed me – when people tried to hurt, hinder or hate on me – God has not only blessed me, He has surrounded me with those who encouraged me when I was down, ministered to me when I was empty, and sheltered me from the storms of life.

As I call this a night on a Saturday evening, I just wanted to remind you Satan that I have a praying wife, a praying congregation, a praying family, praying denominational ties, and, oh by the way, most importantly, I have a Savior who sits on the right side of the Father, who makes intercession for me.

By the way, I also need to tell you that I intend to preach authentically, preach unashamedly, preach boldly, preach, preach and preach some more – until The Lord says “well done.”

Sure of Eternal Life,

+Pastor Robert Earl Houston
(Still Alive)

p.s. If you have any problems with this Satan, please contact God.

5 responses

  1. Hello Pastor Houston, I’m thanking GOD is watching over you while you’re visiting your mother!!!! Family is so important! God is so GOOD! His love is evident through your delivered message and his actions!!!! I pray that God continues to give you love in your heart, strength to deliver his word, and a safe return back to Frankfort!!!! Love you Pastor! Kim Crews

  2. Awesome

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  3. Amen . . . . and Amen!

  4. Pastor A. C. Conley, Sr. | Reply

    Praise the Lord! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Go ‘head on Pastor Houston and keep fightin’ the good fight!

  5. Thank you Rev. Houston for that powerful testimony of gods never ending love and watchful eyes keeping one of his servants from any hurt,harm or danger. Also thank you for reminding us exactly who we’re fighting, I needed that because of a situation that came up and I was feeling like this is not worth the headaches. But you reminded me that we’re not fighting against human flesh but the principalities of the devils. Again thanks Rev.Houston, keep preaching,teaching, praying and telling of the goodness of the lord.

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