The Whirlwind

by Robert Earl Houston

Photo on 5-9-13 at 9.33 PM #2WHITESTOWN, INDIANA – Ever had days that ran by so quickly that you didn’t have a chance to sit down and soak it all in? Well, I’m at a Starbuck’s Coffee, with my laptop and my Caffe Mocha Venti with an extra-shop and a small slice of Cinnamon swirl coffee cake . . . just to relax for a moment. Several events have occurred in the last few days, so allow me to respond:

First, I want to thank the Lord for the celebration of 5 years as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. I still can’t believe I’ve been in Frankfort for such a period of time. It feels like that Jessica and I just moved to Frankfort recently and I hope I never lose that feeling of awe and wonder. The Anniversary Committee went over and beyond the call of duty and I want to thank them for all of their efforts. It was flawless and a sign that a good plan always works. To be honest, the most nervous feelings I encountered was during the Roast of the Pastor at the 5th Anniversary Gala. I’m not a big one on criticism, but the jokes – the loving jokes – were funny and brought me to tears on a few occasions. Some of the best lines: “Pastor is also a weatherman. By the time you get home from morning worship, he’s already cancelled worship for next week because of weather . . . I don’t know why he cancels during a tornado warning, the church has a basement, I don’t . . . Pastor was searching for somebody for a whole year – he searched and low, still couldn’t find no body. He sang that song for one year . . . I love and respect my pastor. He’s a great man of God and I could never say anything about my pastor, BUT —-.  It was great evening and the love and support of those in attendance was genuine and heartfelt. On Sunday my dear friend, Pastor Daniel Corrie Shull and my pastor, Pastor Barton Elliott Harris (coincidentally, both Fisk graduates) were our guest speakers for the day. To Go be the glory . . .

Second, I was appalled as most of the country about the revelations of the taped personal remarks of Donald Sterling, the now banned for life, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. The new NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, took a strong, pro-reason, ethical stance in his suspension of Mr. Sterling. What was interesting to me was to hear political pundits on the right try to equate Mr. Sterling’s behavior with some of the questionable behavior of star athletes. That is an apples and oranges discussion. The issue was never on employees – it was their employer/owner, who is held to a higher standards than the player. It seems that whenever “one of their own” (Republicans) are under scrutiny or attack, they run out to find a counterbalance. This issue was pretty straight forward and the team will certainly be sold/disbanded (if Mr. Sterling puts up a fight). Personally, I would like to see the league relocate the franchise to either San Diego/Orange County or Seattle, with a new name and new ownership.

Third, my Portland Trailblazers are looking incredible. Portland has not had a time this exciting in years. The franchise has been to the playoffs 30 times, but only in 1977 did the team go all the way and win the championship. (I remember the city-wide celebration and school being cancelled that day for the celebration). Coincidentally as we celebrate these Blazers, the coach of the championship season, Dr. Jack Ramsey, passed away of cancer. This group of athletes are amazing and I’m hoping that they go all the way to the championship game. Rip City!

Fourth, I just completed my participation in the 54th Annual Simultaneous Revival in Gary, Indiana. I’ve been the local guest of my friend, Pastor Marlon Mack and the Sweet Home Baptist Church the past few years, and serving with the evening lecturer, Pastor Todd Bankert. This year was unlike the previous ones, in my opinion, and it was a well run Simultaneous and the lineup of preachers had a feel of a National Convention, especially since two of the evangelists are also candidates for the presidency of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. I had the privilege of preaching Tuesday morning for the mass Breakfast setting and the Lord was KIND.

Five, the weather has been something else of late. There is a severe drought in the West (go figure, right next to the ocean), the north (Chicago area) is cold (it was around 40 this morning), the southwest is under inches of water due to historic flooding, and the midwest is under the threat and has been hit by tornadoes. I have never seen weather like this in my lifetime – when May feels like October. Very strange indeed.

Well, that’s enough. Back to my Caffe Mocha. Be blessed!


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  1. William Wyne | Reply

    Just got Gary today to hear Jerry at noon, and was coming to hear you tonight! Pastor Mack conveyed that you finished last night!

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