Vacant Church: Bethany Missionary Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

From the American Baptist Newspaper:

The Bethany Missionary Baptist Church, 8 miles west of (downtown) Lexington, established in 1896, seeks a spirit-filled minister to pastor our flock. We are seeking someone whose preaching and teaching is solidly rooted and grounded in God’s Holy Word without compromise. The Pulpit Search Committee will not be responsible for travel or lodging expenses incurred by a candidate.  Please send all resumes and letters of intent to:

Pulpit Committee
Bethany Missionary Baptist Church
4710 Parkers Mill Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40513

8 responses

  1. Rev. Dr. Charles E. Reese | Reply

    I am interested in the pulpit vacancy that is listed, I am saved, married, available, educated, experienced, and well traveled. I am serious about the spreading and implementation of the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and internationally. If such is of paramount importance to the congregation, my contact information is provided below.

    I am a member of the American Baptist Church USA.

    If there is further interest, I will forward the necessary documents that you require.

    Gripped by His Grace,

    Dr. Charles E. Reese
    Founder/CEO – Jubilee Resource Initiatives
    214-429-6735 – Cell
    972.537.5301 – Home


    2. Please contact the church directly.

  2. Ronald L. Burns | Reply

    When is the dead line

    1. No deadline mentioned. Open until filled.

  3. Has this church called a pastor yet

    1. Please contact the church directly for that information.

  4. Please send me more info on you Pastoral search, as I am very interested. I have enclosed my contact information below.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Rev. Anthony D. Clark St.

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