Are We All Supposed to Be Blessed in 7 Days?



by Robert Earl Houston

I am a fan(atic) about preaching. I love preaching and love the art and craft of gospel preaching. My portfolio of favorite preachers crosses denominational lines, age barriers, and gender. I just love great Bible-based preaching.

Preaching is not my issue. What I’m concerned about is that we are making unrealistic prognostications over the pulpit that sound like the Will of God, however, it’s not really in His will.

To be in a room full of believers and then promise them that in 7 days they will all be blessed or in 6 months they’ll all have brand new houses seems to me to be in the realm of preaching malpractice.

To be in a Pastor’s Conference and then promise to every Pastor that when you get home your church is about to “blow up” and that you’re about to move into the national arena seems to me to write a promissory note that cannot be cashed.

To be in a conference and tell the room that when you get back home you’re ministry is going to increase and see things that you’ve never seen before and then you return and get put out, it seems like either the prophet was confused or the hearer confused – I choose the prophet.

In an effort to create empowerment in the body of Christ, some of us have forgotten that “the poor will be with you always.” (Matthew 26:11).  It’s God’s will, yes, that you would prosper as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2) but if you look at most translations of that original text, it’s conjunctive with health and not wealth.

I have been in services and prophesied over and there have been times when the prophesy just flat footed did not come true – by no stretch of the imagination. I’ve become convinced that to speak “thus saith the Lord” without any authorization or authenticity from the Lord is to basically lie on the Lord in order to score spiritual points with a crowd. It may make good television but it does not make good and faithful believers – and it opens a door to doubt causing serious spiritual damage to the one who receives it.

I’m currently preaching through a series on healing but I also am fully aware that as I preach it, all healing is not in my hands nor in my words. God has the final say so. And people still die.  People still get sick. However, I can honestly say that if the Lord wills so, He can heal – and he can heal you with or without the medicine or with eternity.

I vividly remember hearing the story of a minister who had a member come forth during worship, riddled with cancer, and then he prophesied over her and said “in 7 days, God is going to heal you completely.”  She died 5 days later. The minister’s daughter went to him and said, “Daddy, I thought you said that she was going to be healed.”

I think it would be appropriate to stick to the book (The Bible). Encourage yes. Placate no. Offer hope in Christ yes. Offer hope in our words no.  Be authentic yes. Be a showman no.


5 responses

  1. Absolutely! Thank you for these words of wisdom. As servants of God we have so much work to do in the kingdom to strengthen and mature the body without having to work through the misappropriation of God’s Word.

  2. Andre L. Porter | Reply

    I think it is a matter of credibility. Just like you said “trying to score points with the congregation”! I have spoken to some people that which GOD has told me for them and in every case it has been accurate. I have people that speak (not often) to me what thus saith the LORD. I asked the LORD for HIS special annointing, to be able to make a difference in the lives of the people, nobody was aware of this request. Had a ole member seek me out and tell me that which you have asked special of the LORD HE wants you to know you already have it – now use it . Several other situations have been spoken and come to past, only by select people. Always 100% on the mark.

    I think the challenge today is the Church is so emotional and unlearned that we fall from anything and the so called prophesy is usually the “pie in the sky ” you will be blessed on a certain day and time – foolishness ! Prophesy is also for correction and reproof – not many speak on correction and reproof anymore ! Means they are speaking out of self.

  3. I believe your remarks are right on point, an urgently need to be broadcast in this generation.

  4. A simple “Amen” is enough!”

  5. Indeed. . . This post is on point.

    Too many people have been wounded and have had their faith damaged when God didn’t “show up.” As you stated, placating from the pulpit I would argue, has done more to drive people away than draw them closer to the church and thusly The Lord. It is imperative for us all to remember that we must preach with integrity and always be true to the Biblical text, not budgets, emotions, or sensationalism.

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