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Homegoing of a Saint: Rev. Beresford Bailey, Albany, New York

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The Rev. Beresford Bailey, a Baptist pastor who brought to the embattled neighborhood of West Hill spiritual sustenance and a dose of hopefulness delivered in a lilting Jamaican accent, died Monday at his Colonie home after an extended struggle with dementia. He was 86.

Bailey came to Albany in 1970 to take a job as executive director of Camp Opportunities, located at Lawson Lake in Feura Bush. He held the post for 39 years and introduced two generations of inner-city young people to the pleasures of the outdoors in rural Albany County.

In 1982, Beresford founded the Star of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church on Clinton Avenue in West Hill. He retired from the pulpit in June and was honored with a resolution by the Common Council, among several honors for his community activism.

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Vacant Pulpit: Mount Gilead Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX (NEW Deadline July 10, 2016)

Mount Gilead Baptist Church
600 Grove Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Pastoral Search Committee Announcement
Application Deadline July 10, 2016


Education:     Seminary Master’s Degree
Experience:    4-7 years as Pastor or Pastor’s Assistant

Ministry Priorities:

  • A saved, sanctified Holy Ghost filled believer
  • Administrator
  • A gifted teacher who enable persons to learn and understand deep spiritual truths
  • A person that emphasizes discipleship and spiritual growth
  • A person who emphasizes the importance of strong families
  • A person with leadership vision and a well developed vision for the Church’s future growth
  • An effective communicator of well prepared sermons
  • A skilled counselor available to assist with personal and spiritual problems
  • A person who communicates well with youth
  • A nurturing leader who grows and helps others to grow


The Pastor is accountable to the church congregation. The Pastor’s responsibilities include preaching, teaching, pastoral counseling, performing weddings, funerals, baptisms, planning and guiding the Church to grow and fulfill its purpose as set forth in Matthew 28:18-20.


The Pastor shall have in his care the spiritual and moral welfare of the Congregation. The Pastor shall preach the Gospel, support the doctrine of the Church, administer the ordinances and watch over the membership. The Pastor shall have charge of all services of public worship. He shall be ex-officio member of all Boards and Committees of the Church, its auxiliaries and organizations.  The Pastor shall preside at all meetings of the Church, except where good taste and his own involvement dictate otherwise.

The Pastor must possess and extensive and rigorous foundation in the Word of God. The Pastor must be dependable, demonstrate discretion and integrity in all activities and exhibit the character qualities outlined in 1st Timothy 3:-2-7 and Titus 1:7-9. The Pastor shall be ordained.

Mount Gilead Baptist Church endeavors to be obedient to the Great Commission, to be involved in Evangelism through Missions and to minister to social needs through Christian worship and Bible study.


  • Resume with cover letter
  • Four (4) references


Interested applicants must submit a letter of interest, detailed resume, and complete contact information by November 8, 2015 to:

Mount Gilead Baptist Church
Attention: Pastoral Search Committee
600 Grove Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Contact Person: Pastoral Search Committee Chairperson, Deacon L. Davis
Contact Number: 682-433-4955

The National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.

MEMPHIS – For the last two days, I have had the privilege of attending the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the “mother convention” of the African-American Missionary Baptist world. NBCUSA was birthed in 1880 (which is the date also accepted by two other national conventions). This year’s session was the first annual session under the leadership of Dr. Jerry Young from Jackson, Mississippi.  I have a few observations on the meeting:

First, I was VERY IMPRESSED by the quality and depth of the President’s Annual Message. Dr. Young gave a dichotomistic presentation – he began by introducing his family, his church family, paid homage to the past presidents on the platform (Dr. W.J. Shaw, Dr. Julius Scruggs). In a very classy moment, he saluted those men who were his opponents for the Presidency last year and called their efforts as “offering themselves to lead the convention.” He called out their names and it was a great moment. His annual message was a classic. He dropped nuggets while casting the first portion of his vision for the NBC. Paramount in this year’s message was the call to unity and even suggesting that those states with multiple NBC Conventions would consider pooling their efforts. He envisioned State Conventions as identifying themselves with the convention (i.e., “The Arizona National Baptist Convention”) which drew applauds of approval by the body. His call for unity was heard loud and clear and he embraced denominationalism and wants the convention to think in those terms. His call for the convention to stop “sheep shuffling” (transfer growth). Notable quote: “We’ve gone from 280 churches to 11 per 100,000 people in the last 100 years.” He suggested that we don’t have too many churches – we need more churches planted.

Secondly, the Convention had great attendance numbers. The Memphis location was ideal for those not only flying but also driving (preferred method by many). The weather was, for the most part, pleasant (except for Wednesday when it rained cats and dogs). Memphis is a tourist town – from the Lorraine Motel to Graceland to many great restaurants, etc. The local newspaper, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal reported that 50,000 persons were in town for the convention and not to mention, Memphis is an NBC city.

Third, I admired the diversity of the programming. There were preachers of all ages that participated on the program and in auxiliary settings. It was good to see a move to inclusiveness of ages and that went from the sessions even to late night service. I’m not a fan of conventions that bring in a multiplicity of guest preachers and never utilize their own – and that’s all three levels – District, State and National. In this session there were no “guest preachers” because of the depth of the bench of the NBC.

Fourth, the young preachers are back. I’ve been at a few of the sessions in the last few years, but this year it just looked like there were more younger preachers/pastors that were in attendance. As a side note, I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the younger pastors and some who even took photos with me (I guess I really am 55 now – smile). The only way the conventions will survive is when you can look at in the audience and see a kaleidescope of preachers of all ages. Otherwise, the next session could be the last session of a convention body.

Conclusion: The NBC is in the midst of a new day experience. They are envisioning an exceptional future. Congratulations to President Young and his team. The Convention will meet in Birmingham, AL January 11-14, 2016 for the Mid-Winter Board Meeting; 111th Annual Session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education will be in Tampa, FL June 20-24, 2016; and the 136th Annual Session will be in Kansas City, MO, September 5-9, 2016.

Let me also thank all of the pastors, preachers and laypersons who came up to me and expressed their appreciation for the Wire, the Sermon Sharing Service, the Vacant Church List, and were genuinely concerned about my health. Thanks be to God for everyone who said “I’ve been praying for you.” It touched me greatly and I’m very appreciative.


by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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