Homegoing of a Saint – Dr. James C.E. Faulkner, Portland, Oregon


Dr. James Clarence Edward Faulkner, Pastor Emeritus of the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon has entered into the promise of Eternal Life on Sunday, November 16, 2015 after a long illness.

Dr. Faulkner served as the Dean and President of the Portland District Sunday School, BTU and Ushers Congress, Vice Moderator of the Union District Baptist Association and served in several capacities in the General Baptist Convention of the Northwest. He also preached at the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.

Particularly, Dr. Faulkner was noted for his teaching abilities. He was a tremendous Bible teacher and served the St. Paul church for well over 35 years as their Pastor. His theme for his ministry at St. Paul was “Do as the Spirit says do.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was my privilege to have preached for Pastor Faulkner on several occasions during my teenage years and in my twenties. He would not only allow you to preach, but he also gave you a critique of your preaching – even if it were painful. I will never forget a conversation we had after I had moved from Portland, and how encouraging he was and expressed his pride in how the Lord had used me. He was the chief catechizer for the ordination of Rev. Walter M. Brown, Jr. and myself.

Dr. Faulkner, a native of a small town, Uno, Kentucky, came to Portland in the early 1970s due to his insurance executive position. He shortly united with the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Dr. O.B. Williams. He was called to St. Paul in 1975 and it became a beacon in the North Portland area and a training ground for believers.

He was especially fond of mentoring young preachers many of whom went on to pastoral, teaching and preaching ministries. He became a pastor to several pastors and ministers throughout the years.

Services are scheduled for Monday, November 30, 2015 at the Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church, 3138 North Vancouver Avenue, Portland, Oregon, Dr. Matt Hennessee, Pastor, at 10:00 a.m. (PST)  A private family-only visitation will be on Sunday, November 29, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (P.S.T.) at Terry Family Funeral Home. A public visitation will be from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (P.S.T.) at the funeral home.

2 responses

  1. Hello Robert,

    I posted a note under your biography, yet it is no longer there.
    This is Jessica Faulkner, 7th child of Dr. Rev. James C.E. Faulkner.

    As I stated previously, that was deleted, My father moved from Indiana to Portland because he fell in love with my mother Linda Faulkner, who moved to Portland too save lives as a Registered Nurse.He then arranged to be transferred through his Insurance Job. He then later became a father again to 2 beautiful black children, twins.

    Yes, my father was a pastor in Indiana, yet he learned a lot from my grandfather Rev. Delmer Ransdell, who lead people to Christ for over 60 years (r.i.p).
    Not mentioning any of the women or his children who helped make him the man he became is negligent. How would you like it if you died & no one mentioned your pretty wife? Exactly.

    It would be nice if My Fathers Bibles & Sermons were returned to his Blood Family.

    All his sermons are gone & Bibles. His Blood children & their grandchildren would like to carry his lifeline on as well. If perhaps the people that have My Fathers Sermons could at least make a photo copy & mail it, or return his Bibles his sister Birdie & other members of his Blood Family would greatly appreciate it.

    It’s no sin to preach My Fathers Sermons, as long as you give credit to him beforehand. It is wrong not to give his Blood Family any of his Sermons or Bibles, there all missing. His brother Robert is a Minister as well as one of his children.

    Remember, no one can do it alone & it took his wife and children in Indiana to help create him before he arrived here in Portland. It also took Gods hand to let him contuine that path too the man you know today.

    Mailing Address

    P.O. Box 3924
    Portland OR 97208-3924

    Priority Mail is least expensive & with a receipt you can be reimbursed.

    Thank you- hope this message is not deleted too.

    Faulkner Family

    1. It won’t be posted publicly. I have no idea about sermons and belongings I suggest you contact St. Paul Baptist Church. I haven’t preached in or stood in the pulpit of St. Paul since the late 1980s and never been to his home. I don’t preach anyone else’s sermons – I spend 10-20 hours a week in sermon prep, etc. and frankly, I haven’t heard Dr. Faulkner preach in well over 25 years – I don’t know where you drew that conclusion. Thanks for you letter and God bless.

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