A Refreshing Worship Experience

by Robert Earl Houston

Last evening our church, Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church, had been invited to a Revival Service at the Oak Grove Baptist Church of St. Louis, Inc. It was a great crowd. The music was provided by the St. Louis Union Gospel Chorus (and how the Lord used them!!!).

The guest evangelist was Rev. Brian K. Weaver, Jr.

Not one of the Convention, State or District leaders.
Not one of the guys who is “on the circuit” across the country.
Not a megachurch pastor.
Not a “convention preacher.”
Not even a “conference preacher” who is seen in most conferences across the country.

Rev. Weaver is a 20-year-old preacher – an associate minister at Oak Grove. In his preaching, he reminds me of a young Dr. Donald Parson. He has presence powered by the Holy Spirit. He went from the drums to the pulpit fluidly and how he blessed those in attendance by his preaching. He didn’t stay there long . . . maybe 20 minutes at most . . . and then a grown man walked down the aisle to unite with the church. God be praised!

It was refreshing to see this young man preach. The energy, the connection, the gifts on display. And it made me think . . . how refreshing it was to just go to church and hear a young preacher who was not trying to preach to impress, or run for denominational office, or preach with an agenda – rather, just to open the book and preach. The celebration of preaching was amazing.

Maybe we have become accustomed to only wanting to hear the “stars of the church” that we forget that everyone had to start somewhere in ministry . . . namely, the beginning. If you can’t be blessed and encouraged by someone who doesn’t have the cadre of degrees or the trappings of a large church . . . you may be missing out on a solid presentation.

As I grow older in the ministry, I am amazed by the continued preaching strength of my elders; I am amazed by the powerful preaching of my contemporaries . . .

And last night, I am encouraged by that new, younger crowd, that will one day receive the mantle of ministry across this country. Job well done Rev. Weaver!

8 responses

  1. Amen….Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pastor, thank you for this wire. I have a question for you. Have you heard Bishop Carlton Pearson’s explanation on his Revelation from God? He says God told him that everyone, Christian on non-Christian will eventually will gain redemption and go to heaven. What’s your take on that? I believe that there is a hell.

    Gerald Jones

    Fairfield, CA


  3. Terrell Phelps | Reply

    Hello, Earl

    I hope all is well. My name is Terrell Phelps. I am writing as I have a strong interest in finding out more information regarding any open ministry position. I currently have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Leadership, and I am actively pursuing my Doctorate in Theology.  For years I have felt a spiritual calling for preaching the Word. I related almost identically to your message. I’m in my early 30’s and play the drums. This calling to preach the Word began when I was a free agent for the Minnesota Vikings. Over the years, this calling has gotten stronger; therefore I am reaching out in hopes of finding an open ministry position at a church you may know of. If so, please feel free to respond with any information you have.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Many blessings,

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  4. Dr. Nettie Walker Wood | Reply

    Sir, I live in a city where the older preachers that I knew are all deceased. The newer pastors have no fellowship one with the other. There is no ‘church’ climate of fellowship. Your post keeps me connected with the church culture, as does social media. I travel at least an hour and a half to keep that culture in my life. Thank you for your commentaries on what is happening in a world that is very important to me.

  5. To God be the Glory it is all about Preaching the Word the Gospel of Jesus

    Dr James E Gorham,Pastor
    New Zion Missionary Baptist Church
    Lawton Oklahoma

  6. Greetings and Blessings Dr. Houston,
    This was an absolute WONDERFUL Blog posting to read. The encouragement for those Pastoral/Prophetic Voices who are not the “conference/convention/celebrity” preachers is consolatory to all, but specifically to a younger (Millennial) generation, who aspire these lofty stages for ministry. You have exposed truth rarely discussed in this season of the Post-Modern Black (Baptist) Church. This misinformed notion that anointed, prophetic preaching can only be found at National Conventions, Conferences, and Convocations. Thank you for the reminder that Creator God is not a respecter of persons. The Call/Gift of preaching is given by God without prejudice or repentance. God’s Word for humanity can and will reach every corner of Creation, in excellence, through any/every vessel Almighty God chooses to use.


  7. Richard Hairston | Reply

    very nice

  8. Good Am Pastor Houston so another Dr Don Parson wow! he must can really preach and put together.. words poetically.. brother.. I;m feeling all of 59 years! bless you and Mrs Houston, the Brown’s.. your big bro.. Walter

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