The Snow Lament of a Pastor

by Robert Earl Houston

Screenshot 2019-03-03 10.50.03ST. LOUIS – Today marks the ninth Sunday in the year of our Lord 2019. Of those nine Sundays, three have now become weather-related cancellations. That means 1/3 of our Sunday morning worship services in 2019 have been canceled and according to long-range forecasts, this may not be the last one for this winter/spring.

It is real living in the Midwest. Every area of the country has some type of relevant reasons for shutting their doors. In California – it may be wildfires or even excessive heat; In the Northwest – it may be snow or flooding; In the South – it could be a tornado watch or flooding; In the North, it could be bitter cold; In Florida or the Carolinas or Georgia, it could be hurricanes or flooding.

But this year for us in St. Louis, it’s the snow. Several of us have had or scheduling make-up services to give our parishioners the opportunity to worship and support their local congregation.

In this season it’s a matter of trusting God. Financially, snow puts a strain on any church’s budget. You have to deal with snow removal, sometimes a busted pipe or some internal flooding, higher heating bills, etc. I have learned to trust God to be “Jehovah-Jireh” – the provider in these times of weather uncertainty. Surely, He will make a way.

So my lament is also my praise! I praise Him for his protection extended to every member of the congregation that I have the privilege of serving as pastor. And I’m trusting God to continue to provide.

2 responses

  1. I’m Not a member but I deffinately concur here in Oklahoma it is the Bitter Cold and icy roads I as always am praying for you guys, knowing that this to is in Gods Will.

  2. Pastor A.C. Conley Sr. | Reply

    Well said Pastor… winter 2019 has been devastating to many churches. So far this year we have not had to cancel worship services but mid – week bible study has been canceled due to the weather. Also this winter has been very costly in terms of the snowplowing and sometimes damage to the building it self from high winds that blew out two windows. We were blessed to have a brother come immediately and do the repairs at cost. Yes, we continue to walk by faith that God will take care of us. Pray on and say on Pastor Houston.
    Pastor A. C. Conley Sr.
    Antioch Baptist Church
    Waukegan IL

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