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A Social Media Campaign to honor Dr. A. Louis Patterson

Preachers . . . lend me your ears.

Let’s start a social media campaign to honor the life and legacy of the late Dr. Albert Louis Patterson, Jr., who went home to be with the Lord.

I’m hoping we can get at least 2,000 preachers and laypersons to honor Dr. Patterson, one of the greatest pulpiteer of this generation, by simply placing his photograph as your profile picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets, until his homegoing service on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Below is a picture you can use or use any other photos of Dr. Patterson. We want the nation and world to know that a great (preaching) man of Israel (the Word of God) hath fallen.

+Pastor Robert Earl Houston
Frankfort, Kentucky


Recent Artwork . . .

By Robert Earl Houston

I just want to share some artwork I’ve created lately. I’m so thankful for what I learned at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California and at Morris Cerullo World Evangelism on how to give things a polished, professional look – I’ve been able to use those talents here at First Baptist Church, at the Progressive National Baptist Convention, the Kentucky State Convention, the American Baptist Newspaper, and Westwood Baptist Church, University Center. Enjoy! Your comments are welcome!


Pics from the Past: San Diego Zoo (2204), San Diego, California

Portland, Oregon February 2013

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I Remember Part 1 (Some of the Pastors who were instrumental to my ministry that are now with the Lord)

Casual Shots: Disney Wild Animal Kingdom (2008)

Casual Shots: 2013 Presidential Inaugural, Washington, DC

Casual Shots: Winter in Frankfort, Kentucky (2013)

Casual Shots: Portland, Oregon (Part 2), 2012


by Pastor Robert Earl Houston

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